My Hero Academia: 10 Things Fans Don't Know About Katsuki Bakugo

Katsuki Bakugo is one of the fan favourite characters of My Hero Academia. He is a student at U.A High school in Class 1-A, and he is constantly training to become one of the greatest fighters of all time; a Pro Hero. His spiky blonde hair is one of his character traits as is his constant yelling.

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Although he can be seen as arrogant and unkind, and mostly, extremely aggressive, he actually becomes very involved with the other heroes and helps them when he can. He was a bully when he was a child, but as he grows and experiences trials and defeats, he learns more about others and himself, and becomes less antagonistic as the series goes on.

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In the original drafts, Katsuki was both kind and gentle, and when he insulted others it was always unintentional.

However, the original draft was thought to be a little too boring, and so they changed his personality so that he could be more interesting to the fans. He, at one point, was even supposed to have the name "Ground Zero" but it was thought to be too violent. Ultimately, it seems that they had some trouble finding a middle ground for Katsuki.


Katsuki doesn't believe that heroes should hide who they are, and it is for that reason that he has absolutely no problem displaying his Quirks in public. He will often activate it for many reasons, between just being stressed out, showing off, or if he wants to intimidate whoever he is yelling at.

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However, even though he can be a show-off, he is always honest about who he is, and because of that, he is actually able to tell when someone is lying to him, proving that he can judge peoples characters quickly and well.


Fans of the manga will know that Katsuki has at least four different black skull shirts, and he has been wearing them since his time as a preschooler.

While he may have a good time throwing insults at others and giving people derogatory nicknames because he can't remember their real names, he clearly should be known as the emo kids. In those rare instances where he wears colours, he still wears something black over it!


One of the few times where he is not yelling is when he's on the battlefield. He may be young, but he takes fighting seriously, and because of that, when he fights, he's incredibly calm. It is actually this sense of calm that allows his classmates to see him in a different light and look up to him for how well he does in battles.

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Not only is he extraordinarily rational but he can even make an entire strategy for a battle while fighting, and he never underestimates his opponents.


Although people say that he is a wild card, and he can sometimes seem like a villain, he actually has a very strong moral compass. He doesn't like lying, which is why he rather fight a battle to the death instead of lying to save himself.

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He is not in the interest of being dishonest, and he never does anything that would betray his character, even when it has the potential to change the outcome of a battle. This is one of the reasons why fans flocked to him; although fans love a wild card in an anime show, they love it, even more, when that character has depth.


Yelling. We cannot stress that enough. He is a character who has figured that the best way for people to understand how he feels is to yell his way through life.

Whether he is talking about his feelings, dealing with his peers, children, adults, or even people he respects, he chooses to yell. While it may not be the best way of dealing with stress or your feelings, it definitely makes for a hilarious character trait. He is the comic relief in many ways for the anime, as it is his constant yelling that has not only fans, but even the characters in the show cracking up.


When he's not training, which he does often, and when he's not in school, even Katsuki has some downtime. He enjoys eating spicy food, and mountain climbing. If anything that kind of fits in with the rest of his personality traits.

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He has a very fiery personality, which is obvious from all the yelling that he does, so it kind of makes sense that he would eat spicy food. As he is very active and likes to push himself to the limit, it also makes sense that he would enjoy mountain climbing, which takes a lot of endurance.


Katsuki is often seen yelling at people, it's one of his finer personality traits. While sometimes he yells simply because he's annoyed at something that someone is doing, or because he doesn't know how to express his opinions, there is one thing he yells about because it actually something he cares about a great deal.

He's incredibly intense about people being hygienic and being clean in living spaces. He is often seen telling people off for not dusting! Though he might like to pretend he doesn't care about many things, he cares very much about personal hygiene.


For a long time, Katsuki's pride made him work alone, as he thought that others would slow him down. His pride is also the reason as to why he would sometimes lose a battle. However, it mostly got in the way of him making friends and working with a team.

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When he did finally work with a team, for a long time he disregarded their ideas and thoughts, and made sure that they only listened to him. However, he improves with time, even though he can still act distasteful to some of them.


Everyone knows Momo is a genius, and although he has rightfully earned that title, Katsuki is actually very intelligent. He has an extremely deep understanding of quirks, and how each hero uses them.

He studies them closely to understand how great they are and even their weaknesses and what they do to the body. For example, he learned how to propel himself with explosions without dying or getting seriously injured. It only adds to the depth of the character that he is highly intelligent but doesn't show it off, which we all know, many smart characters in anime tend to do.

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