My Hero Academia: 10 Hidden Details About The Main Characters Everyone Missed

My Hero Academia is such an involved world, full of interesting plots and complicated characters. So it's no wonder that there are plenty of details to pick up on, no matter how many times you've watched the series (and we're assuming it's a lot).

RELATED: My Hero Academia: Class 1-A Officially RankedThe main characters have a surprising amount of information we can learn about them, from the inspiration behind their designs, to how they act and behave. Here are ten of our favorite hidden details about the characters in My Hero Academia.

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10 The Influence

Some fans probably already know this, but there are several major influences for My Hero Academia. One of those influences are the American superheroes so many of us had grown up with. The X-Men, Spider-Man, and Superman all have elements that were taken for this series.Dragon Ball also influenced the series – and this is one you can probably easily see if you take a few minutes to start looking for it. The hair for a very specific character (hint: All Might) should be a dead giveaway here.

9 The American

Take one look at All Might, and it's pretty obvious that he's 'the American' in the series. He's loud and opinionated, despite all of his wonderful qualities. And let's not forget his dominant color palette here – red, white, and blue. In short, he tends to look and act American.This makes sense since All Might was heavily influenced by American superheroes (as mentioned above). His biggest influence is Superman, of course. Though there are other influences that made their way into his character as well.

8 Alien Queen

Superheroes weren't the only influence seen in this series. Mina Ashido may have the most unique influence, however. She can claim that her character was influenced by that of Ripley and the Aliens franchise. Yes, you read that right.

RELATED: My Hero Academia: 10 Iconic Quotes About HeroesThe influence was made all the more clear when Ashido tried to come up with her hero name. Her first attempt was 'Alien Queen' though she did later settle for Pinky (which is more appropriate for her personality, really).We know that Ashido may not look the part here. But remember, she does spit and otherwise expel acid upon command.

7 Tsuyu Asui's Similarities

Froppy Tsuyu Asui

Remember above when we mentioned that there were some very specific references in the MHA world? Tsuyu Asui is one of those. She's actually directly based on the Marvel X-Men character, Toad.Once that has been pointed out, it makes all sorts of sense, right? Tsuyu's looks and personality were originally a closer match to the Marvel character, though she has changed quite a bit over time. Now Tsuyu is a bit more of her own character, and we love her for it.

6 Mashirao Ojiro's Name

One thing fans should pay attention to is the names of some of our favorite characters. If you look, you'll notice that there are some very specific intentions and themes going on in the naming process.One of the most striking examples belongs to Mashirao Ojiro. His name is a combination of words that perfectly suit his character, mainly 'tail,' 'white,' and 'monkey.' Fairly on the nose, isn't it?

5 One For All

One For All has been handed down several times, with the series showing us the latest three incarnations. All Might is the eighth character to pick up the mantle, and Midoriya is the ninth. The quirk is one that has been handed down through time, with the implication being that it's all due to a quirk that allows for quirk sharing.This raises some interesting implications and questions about the previous heroes in the line.

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Were they all quirkless, like All Might and Midoriya? Or did they have a quirk? If so, did the quirk gets passed along with the rest? Based on the information revealed so far, we can assume that any other quirk added to the mix would eventually get passed along as well, meaning that One For All has theoretically changed and mutated with time.

4 Shouto Todoroki's Meaningful Name

Shouto Todoroki is another character with a very on the nose name. It makes sense, in many ways. Both of his parents were known for their quirks (though admittedly his father more so), and we don't know how long that had been going on for. So it stands to reason that a family name would be influenced by a quirk dominant to the family line.Shouto's name mainly means two things, getting burned, and freezing. As we said, it's pretty on the nose. Here we see the precise combination of his quirks at play, both the ice and the fire. It is interesting that they opted to go with something slightly more subtle than simply 'ice' and 'fire' at least.

3 Shigaraki's Father

Shigaraki is an interesting antagonist for the series. We already know a lot about him, but everything we learn just leaves us with even more questions. One question fans have had for a while now is the origin of the hands on his face and body.Shigaraki himself has referred to the hand on his face as 'father', leaving us with a rather horrible but inevitable conclusion to follow. This combined with the known history of Shigaraki (that he was abandoned and left vulnerable to All For One) leaves us to assume that the hands on his body are that of his family...the real questions now are, how and why?

2 Excoriation Disorder

Excoriation Disorder, also known as chronic skin picking, has managed to rear its head within MHA. Anybody who has seen the series knows exactly what we're talking about here; Shigaraki's tendency to scratch obsessively at his neck.Excoriation Disorder can have a variety of degrees in severity but is almost always rooted in obsessive-compulsive behaviors. This tells us a lot about Shigaraki, while still leaving us with even more questions. And researching the condition won't tell us anything about the potential connections to his quirk.

1 He's Even Got the Mask

It isn't just the heroes who had obvious pop culture influences for us to find. All For One himself is based on a famous antagonist. Want to take a second to try and guess? It's Darth Vader. It may not be a connection one would automatically make – but upon hearing this piece of news, it makes complete and total sense.After all, All For One even has his own iconic mask to work with.

All we need now is an iconic 'I am your father' reveal – which some fans actually theorize is on the way. Could this iconic matching end up being something even more significant, down the line?

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