My Hero Academia: 10 Heroes/Students We Want To See More Of In Season 4

The hit anime My Hero Academia is taking the world by storm. Already, we have three seasons of the hit show, as well as a feature-length movie, My Hero Academia: Two Heroes. This action-packed series stars the powerless Izuku Midoriya, who accepts the Quirk known as "One For All" on his quest to replace All Might as the world's top hero. He meets many new friends and classmates at UA, and of course, faces many terrific villains.

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However, Izuku isn't the only hero out there, and some bad guys take a whole team of hero students or even a squad of pro heroes to take down. All For One is a good example of this. While My Hero Academia's first three seasons show all sorts of good guys, some haven't had much screen time. In fact, some haven't even shown their powers at all yet. Who are 10 hero students or pro heroes who ought to get more action scenes in the upcoming Season 4?

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10 Mirio Togata

This towering, blond boy seems like a goofball at first, with his Fallout boy face and easy smile. But don't be fooled; Mirio Togata is one of UA's "Big Three" for a reason, and Mr. Aizawa is confident that he could replace All Might someday.

Mirio defeated nearly all of class 1-A single-handedly, and now we're wondering how he can unleash this incredible power against the League of Villains. Tomura Shigaraki had better watch out once Mirio dons his cape!

9 Tamaki Amajiki

Here is another member of the Big Three, the ultra-shy Tamaki. With his pointed Vulcan ears and Sasuke hairdo, he sure stands out, even if Amajiki is unlikely to deliver a captivating speech anytime soon. He'd rather make friends with the nearest wall than engage in a conversation, but it's not as though he bribed his way into UA.

Amajiki's got something up his sleeve; hopefully, in Season 4, this shy young man brings down a few villains with his powers. Who knows, maybe Tamaki is a lot more confident and brave once he is called into action. For those who read the manga, they should know that Tamaki's Quirk (Manifest) is incredibly powerful.

8 Endeavor

For years, Shoto's overbearing father stewed in All Might's shadow, and this fiery hero was just dying to take the top spot. Once All Might retired after his world-shaking battle against All For One, the way was clear for Endeavor to assume the #1.

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There's already no doubt that he's a tremendously powerful hero, but will he live up to All Might's previous heights, or will the position go to his head? Let's hope that until Izuku claims that spot (here's hoping), Endeavor won't suddenly rest on his newfound laurels.

7 Midnight

Nemuri Kayama, also known as Midnight, is the R-rated hero with the power to put anyone to sleep once they inhale her scent. This power works even better on boys and men, and she knocked out the likes of Sero and Bakugo with no trouble.

This easily makes for a fine gag, but in combat, it's far from a joke! Midnight hasn't demonstrated any serious melee combat skills, but if someone else is keeping the bad guys busy, her sleep powers could really turn the tide. Sleep tight!

6 Kamui Woods

Shinji Nishiya is a pro hero with skin like wood and arms that can grow to form all kinds of trees and roots to incapacitate people with. After Katsuki Bakugo was taken to the League of Villains' lair, Kamui helped capture some of the bad guys (temporarily) along with All Might, Gran Torino, and others.

My Hero Academia has its own Groot, and this power can do all kinds of work to capture lots of weaker bad guys at once. Will we see the tree-man fight once again? Let's hope so.

5 Gran Torino

Basically the Yoda of My Hero Academia, Sorahiko is the short old man who plays dumb before demonstrating the younger hero (in this case, Deku) why he was fit to train his original mentor, All Might. Rather than lift X-wings, this little old man has air jets on his feet to move at astounding speed and kick like a beast.

Gran Torino demonstrated some power in the fight against All For One, but this old man isn't totally out of the action yet. Or is he? Strictly speaking, he's retired, but Gran Torino doesn't seem the type to just die in bed.

4 Ectoplasm

Another lecturer at UA, specifically the math teacher, Ectoplasm (real name unknown) is a hero who almost looks like a villain. The Pro Hero's Quirk is called "Clones," which allows Ectoplasm to either split himself up into clones or create one big one.

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Ectoplasm made a real show of this when testing Fumikage and Tsuyu, and he's not a hero teacher for nothing. Against nearly any bad guy, it helps to attack from multiple angles at once, as Ectoplasm can. Plus, he plain old looks cool. That's reason enough to see him fight again!

3 Present Mic

Hizashi Yamada is the outgoing, radio-loving English teacher at UA, but he's not just a big mouth. Present Mic earned his spot as a teacher, and his "Voice" Quirk lets him roar his voice across the battlefield like a hurricane. Furthermore, Mic's neck-mounted gear lets him control the sound omitted, as he did against Kyoka Jiro and Koji Koda for their First Term Final Exam.

It's a useful Quirk, but we haven't seen it do much except give Jiro a pair of bleeding ears. Let's see him shout a villain into submission in Season 4!

2 Mt. Lady

This cheery young woman can expand to become many stories tall, and she's not the most careful hero. "Collateral damage" seems to be Yu Takeyama's middle name. But still, Mt. Lady is one of the first heroes to ever fight in the anime, along with being one of the most fun to watch.

Takeyama has hardly received any screen time so far, mostly just launching a few attacks and letting everyone else finish the job. Let's see her really stomp someone flat in Season 4! Or, perhaps, she can use a skyscraper as a club? When you're that big, anything is a melee weapon.

1 Gunhead

This hero looks scary, with his bullet muzzle mask and his Max Max-style outfit and fingerless gloves, but Gunhead is actually quite a big softie, like when he teased Ochaco Uraraka about calling "a boyfriend" on the phone.

Still, with a name and outfit like that, we can be sure that Gunhead is a heavy hitter in combat. The League of Villains is still out there, and maybe Gunhead can provide some much-needed long-range firepower.

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