My Hero Academia: 10 Things Fans Need To Know About Tsukuyomi

Fumikage Tokoyami, aka Tsukuyomi or Jet-Black Hero, is arguably one of the most eye-catching characters in My Hero Academia, and with good reason. He's a character with a very visible quirk – having the head of a bird, yet the body of a human.

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Tsukuyomi is one of the most stable students going to U.A., he seems to perfectly understand his abilities and their limits (and thus their weaknesses). This isn't something to be taken for granted, as the series has managed to prove time and time again.

10 Dark Shadow

Because Dark Shadow is its own entity, it gives Tsukuyomi a huge advantage; a second pair of eyes and hands to use in battle, among many other things. On the whole, Tsukuyomi and Dark Shadow seem to get along, though Dark Shadow does come with his own weaknesses and risks.

9 Control Issues

Tsukuyomi has trouble maintaining control over Dark Shadow in darker settings. It's something he has been actively working on, but it is easier said than done. Unfortunately, losing control doesn't automatically mean that Dark Shadow will only target the antagonists in the area – anyone nearby is fair game to him.

8 Understanding His Limits

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This level of self-awareness isn't exactly uncommon in the series, but neither is it common. Tsukuyomi is one of the few in Class A who can honestly (and fairly) asses themselves, and that is likely the reason we rarely see him lose control.

7 Internship

Admittedly, Hawks may have paid extra attention to Tsukuyomi due to their similarities in themes, but the Pro Hero proved to be a useful trainer all the same. Because of Hawks, Tsukuyomi learned how to use Dark Shadow at a slightly greater range, among other things.

6 Rankings

Tsukuyomi ranked ninth in the U.A. Entrance Exam, and fifth in the Quirk Apprehension Test. Finally, Tsukuyomi earned third place at the U.A. Sports Festival. He will likely continue to rank as the series goes on as well, but only time will tell.

5 His Potential

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Of course, let's not forget that he had caught (and held) the attention of Hawks, a high ranking hero by any standard.

4 Strength in One-On-One

Between Tsukuyomi and Dark Shadow, they can cover a 360 area around themselves, protecting and attacking as one unit. They can also act independently, making them a double threat through and through.

3 Cooperative Nature

We first saw this ability back during the U.A. Sports Festival – here he didn't hesitate to tell Midoriya his weakness, all in hopes of helping to balance out the team and increase a chance to win. That same fight, he saved the day with his quick thinking. Later, he worked and adapted perfectly with any of the teams he's been thrown onto.

2 Black Ankh

The ability also has three elements to it. Naturally, these secondary traits have all been named; Piercing Claw of the Dusk, Gloom of the Black Arm, and Black Ankh Sabbath. Piercing Claw of the Dusk is more or less what the name indicates; Tsukuyomi can shoot out Dark Shadow's Claws at a decent range and speed.

Gloom of the Black Arm also fits the name. Here Tsukuyomi enlarges the arms of Dark Shadow (who again, is coating Tsukuyomi) in a move that increases damage. Finally, Black Ankh Sabbath allows Tsukuyomi to move faster than his standard speed, thanks to another new ability (see below).

1 Black Fallen Angel

Once again, Tsukuyomi is enveloped by Dark Shadow, but for a different purpose. Here the hero is supported and carried by Dark Shadow. This grants him a limited ability in flight. As if Tsukuyomi wasn't intimidating enough as he was!

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