My Hero Academia: Who Is Froppy and Why Is She Secretly Important?

My Hero Academia may just be the biggest superhero comic in the world. Read by millions all over the world every week in Weekly Shonen Jump and on the Shonen Jump and Manga PLUS apps, constantly climbing the Bookscan charts with its manga volumes released by VIZ Media, and being the basis of a globally popular anime (which starts its 4th season this fall) and feature film, Kohei Horikoshi's superhero high school story shows no signs of slowing down.

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Among the many unique characters fans have come to known and love is UA High School student and one of Class 1-A's most delightful personalities, Tsuyu "Froppy" Asui. Preferring her friends to call her "Tsu," the 15 year old derives her superhero -- or Pro Hero in the series' parlance, as it refers to superpowered people licensed by the government to act like heroes -- name from the fact that she... well, looks and acts like a frog. But what other secrets is Froppy hiding?

Froppy's Quirks and Weaknesses in My Hero Academia

Froppy Tsuyu Asui

With her amphibian-like face, large hands, green hair and hunched posture, the easiest way to explain Froppy is that she's the heroic girl version of X-Men villain Toad. Her powerset is, like Spider-Man's, basically human-sized equivalents of anything that a frog can do. Her Quirk (MHA's word for superpowers) is even called just that, "Frog."

Tsuyu can jump and hop extremely far, use her sticky tongue as a weapon and even carry people up to 66 feet (her and fellow classmate Uravity even have a "Fastball Special"-esque team-up move). She can also camouflage herself, secrete a sticky liquid toxin and even -- though this thankfully has yet to crop up in the manga or anime -- expel and wash out her own stomach.

However, like real frogs, Froppy is severely sensitive to cold and can even lose the use of her powers if the temperature drops too low.

Froppy's Personality in My Hero Academia

froppy my hero academia

Befitting the stoic unflappability of her namesake, Froppy is pretty unbothered most of the time. Not easily flustered or prone to freakouts, she can remain calm and levelheaded even in crazy situations, which allows her to think clearly and figure out a plan of attack. For example, in the series' first real superhero battle, the "Unforeseen Simulation Joint" arc, when supervillains attack the building of the title (think the X-Men's Danger Room, but if it was a whole building), Tsuyu is able to keep her cool against the villains and rally with fellow students Izuku and Minoru Mineta (who, incidentally, is just the frigging worst) to take some of them down.

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That levelheadedness also results in Tsuyu being quite intelligent and observant. Notably, she was the first to notice that Izuku's Quirk is similar to All Might's (given that the former inherited it from the latter, it's not surprising), but didn't delve deeper into it. That's not her style. Tsuyu is also very funny, often breaking tension with a deadpan joke or observation; her Japanese and English voice actors, Aoi Yuki and Monica Rial, even give her a lower, gruffer voice to help sell it.

She's not always so stoic, though; at several points in the story, Horikoshi has shown Tsuyu breaking down or becoming upset to demonstrate that things really are that serious or just to toy with the reader's emotions.

Is Froppy My hero Academia's Best Girl?

Thus far, Tsuyu hasn't served as the point of a story arc which, given the limited circumstances her powers can shine in, is probably for the best. But she did manage to do the impossible: star in a good filler episode of an anime.

In the show's 32nd episode, "Everyone's Internships," Froppy was interning with Pro Hero Selkie and wound up facing off with villains who'd stolen cargo from a trade ship. To make things worse, Selkie wound up trapped and Tsuyu, previously left behind, had to step in and save the day, battling the Chthulu-esque villain Innsmouth, recovering the cargo and earning the thanks of the Japanese coast guard.

In the process, Tsuyu provided the main story for the anime's first original episode and proved that she just might be My Hero Academia's secret weapon.

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