My Hero Academia: 10 Things Fans Should Know About Froppy

My Hero Academia's Tsuyu Asui, aka Froppy, is one of the cutest and most understated characters of the series. And in many ways, she seems to have adapted perfectly to the life of being a hero in training. Froppy is clever, determined, and most importantly, she understands her job and responsibilities perfectly. And she’s highly self-aware.

The anime has done a great job of showing the best side of Froppy, just like the manga. But there are certain facts that any fan should know about her. Facts that will probably make you a fan of her character, if you’re not already.

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Froppy Tsuyu Asui
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10 She’s Stronger Than She Looks

Froppy Tsuyu Asui

Froppy has a relatively small frame – smaller than most of the characters around her. However, that doesn't mean that she's weak. By all appearances, Froppy is significantly stronger than she looks. Her jump alone should prove that fact. She must have very strong legs in order to jump as far and high as she does.

She's capable of hauling her classmates around, as proven time and time again. This may seem like it isn't much, but think about how many times she's saved her classmates from harm by quickly grabbing them – we're looking at you, Deku.

9 Tsuyu Was Originally A Male Character


This may be hard to believe, but our beloved Froppy was originally designed to be a male character! We know, it threw us through a loop as well. It turns out that she was fully designed to be a male classmate, but then the creator realized that there were too many male classmates in the series. So he decided that some changes needed to be made.

In this instance, that meant that little Froppy was changed from male to female. This fits the personality perfectly though, so we're thrilled about this decision.

8 Her Inspiration

Toad X-Men

We already mentioned that Tsuyu was originally a male character. Now we're going to cover the believed inspiration for her overall design. Many fans have already become aware of the American influence in MHA. It isn't hard to spot. Many more believe that there was a lot of inspiration pulled from Marvel comics in particular, especially the X-Men.

Which leads us to the inspiration for Froppy: Toad from X-Men. You can see it now, can't you? Some of her quirks even line up with Toad's known abilities. And while it hasn't been outright confirmed, but it's something that many Froppy fans believe to be true.

7 Supportive Hero

froppy my hero academia

Froppy is one of those heroes that you can see being a hero in her own right or being a supporting hero. She's well suited to both. And the fact that she knows her limits would only further help her skill set in this case. In both the anime and the manga we've seen Froppy analyze a situation and as well as the team she's working with, and come up with the best way to see things through.

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This makes Froppy unique, in a way. Not many other characters have been shown to work so well with everybody. And it has a lot to do with Tsuyu's personality.

6 Her Birthday

Tsuyu Asui was born on February 12th. That may not sound at all relevant but bear with us. This birth date puts her firmly into one astrological sign...Aquarius. Leave it to Kohei Horikoshi to sneak in a little tidbit like that.

This is a subtle hat tip to Tsuyu's ability set, as well as to her natural predilection towards water settings (for obvious reasons). But we probably didn't have to actually explain that, did we?

5 Bright and Observant

Tsuyu is without a doubt one of the more observant and intelligent characters in the series. And this is something that the series has gone out of their way to show us on multiple occasions. She was the first character to mention the similarities between Deku and All Might, for example.

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She also scored 6th on the latest round of testing UA gave out, if you wanted some more concrete evidence. And let's not forget how analytical she's proven to be during fights – perfectly fitting her abilities to each individual situation.

4 She's More Popular Than You Might Expect

Okay, so if you've spent any time online you're probably already aware of that fact. But Tsuyu has always been a more popular character, especially in America. We just can't help but love her. And who can blame us? She's adorable, competent, and works well with others.While Froppy's fan rankings have been all over the place, she has more or less been seated somewhere in the top twenty every time.

That number changes drastically if you only include the female characters (in her favor). Though oddly enough, she's not as popular in her home country.

3 Whole Family Has Similar Quirks

We were given a brief look at Tsuyu's family in the manga, though we're not quite sure why that didn't make it into the anime (especially considering a whole extra scene was added for her benefit). Quirks run in a family, but the look we were given proves that the frog attributes run strong in her family.

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In fact, Froppy is the one family member who looks the least like a frog! Perhaps her abilities are strong and more suited for being a hero. That would explain why she's the only hero in her family. Though we don't know what her little siblings intend to do.

2 ‘Perfect Pillar of Emotional Support’

One of the most flattering quotes given to a character came from Recovery Girl, and was directed towards our Froppy. During the end of the year tests, Recovery Girl told Deku that Froppy was "a perfect pillar of emotional support." But what does that even mean?

Basically, Recovery Girl was commenting on something we've already touched upon. Froppy is self-aware enough, and observant enough, to match well with any other hero. She's also sensitive and knows how to help balance out her teammates' emotions, keeping them calm and stable. This is one of the many reasons why Froppy is the unsung hero of the series.

1 Her Quirks

And no list would be complete without taking Froppy's quirks into account. Individually, Fropy's abilities may not seem like all that much. But combined with each other, and her intellect, and suddenly they become something entirely new and impressive.

Froppy has many abilities associated with a frog. She's got the strong legs and leap of a frog, She has an incredibly long (and strong) tongue, which can be used for movement, grabbing, and really anything else she can think of. She also can spit up stomach acid, which while not being terribly acidic, can come in handy from time to time. And of course, she can camouflage. Yes, you read that right. The last ability was revealed while Tsuyu was working on perfecting her quirks.

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