My Hero Academia: 10 Eraserhead Memes That Would Even Make Him Crack A Smile

My Hero Academia is an anime that perfectly blends its action-packed, serious storylines with fun character moments and humor. And given how charmingly ridiculous the series’ characters can be at times, many of them get made into memes — a testament to how much the fandom enjoys poking fun at them.

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Class 1-A's homeroom teacher, Shota Aizawa — known as Eraserhead among Pro Heroes — is one character fans find comical, and that's likely because he's so sullen and serious all the time. He's also an eccentric teacher and a regular badass, so there's plenty to talk about (and joke about) when it comes to his character.

Here are 10 Eraserhead memes that would make even him crack a smile.

10 Eraserhead Or Squidward?

Anyone who counts themselves a fan of both My Hero Academia and Spongebob Squarepants will likely come to this conclusion: Eraserhead and Squidward really do have the same energy. And that's exactly what this meme conveys.

But it isn't just their bemused expressions and monotone personalities that make these two characters so similar. After battling the League of Villains during the anime's first season, Eraserhead actually winds up having to wear bandages on his face. Remind anyone else of the jellyfishing incident? Like we said, same energy.

9 Eraserhead Finds A New Jacket

Perhaps one of the reasons it can be difficult to take Eraserhead seriously at times — even with his overpowered quirk and impressive combat skills — is that he spends most of his time outside of class sleeping in a puffy yellow sleeping bag. (In fact, he even spends some time in the classroom wrapped up in his own personal cocoon.)

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It's obvious that Eraserhead would happily wear his sleeping bag everywhere if he could, and guess what? This meme argues that he can! OK, so it isn't his sleeping bag exactly. But these utility jackets sure do look similar. We think "oh boy" is definitely the reaction you'd get out of him.

8 Two Types Of People On The Weekend

Introverts and extroverts live very different lives on the weekend, and we all know that Eraserhead falls into the introvert category. Unlike Present Mic or Ms. Joke, he'd probably prefer to spend his free time time solo — sleeping in his beloved sleeping bag, perhaps?

This meme showcases the difference between an introvert like Eraserhead and an extrovert — represented by Momo — and honestly, we're with Eraser on this one. Just let us sleep.

7 Protec, Attac, Hit Sac

No matter which character you're referring to, there's probably a "Protec, Attac, Fill in the Blank" meme somewhere out there. And Eraserhead is no exception — which probably makes sense given how often he's forced to protect the students of Class 1-A. Talk about a full-time job.

Of course, this meme ends in predictable Eraserhead fashion: After he protecs and attacs, he hits the sac. You know, because he loves sleeping in his yellow sack so much. My Hero Academia fans really love to poke fun at that.

6 Can You Take Him Seriously?

If viewers were to judge Eraserhead purely on first impressions, they'd likely have the same reaction as this stick figure. Curled up in his sleeping bag, it's hard to take the guy seriously — but you'd also be spitting out your cereal later in the anime, just like Mr. Stick Figure here.

When it's time to fight, Eraserhead gets seriously intense. Once the hair comes loose and the glasses come down, you can prepare yourself for action. And yes, that usually means Eraserhead is about to start taking names.

5 Try It One More Time, Midoriya

It's true that the constant villain attacks leave poor Eraserhead with plenty to do when it comes to Class 1-A. But the group is also full of difficult students — many of whom rarely listen to their teachers — meaning Eraser is really in over his head with these first years. And Midoriya is probably the worst of them.

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Eraserhead notes early on that Midoriya needs to stop breaking his bones and destroying his body to use his quirk, but it takes quite a while for the boy to actually listen. This meme imagines Eraser needing a beer after dealing with Midoriya running off and breaking his bones to fight villains... again. And yeah, we can see it.

4 Eraserhead Teaches Shipping 101

It's nearly impossible to find an anime fandom that doesn't have shippers of all kinds, and hate-to-love romances are popular no matter where you turn. This conversation between All Might and Eraserhead basically sums up the logic behind such ships: Base it on nothing except how poorly they get along with one another.

Perhaps when he's done with Class 1-A, Eraserhead should consider teaching Shipping 101.

3 Who Needs To Get Things Done?

Principal Nezu randomly popping out of Eraserhead's scarf is probably one of the strangest — and most adorable — moments in all of My Hero Academia. And this meme turns the moment into something relatable for every anime fan.

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If Eraserhead standing there with a serious expression represents any of us attempting to get things done, it's fair to say that Nezu popping out and stealing the spotlight is representative of anime. Who hasn't gotten distracted and binged an entire series when they're supposed to be doing something else? (Maybe even My Hero Academia?)

2 Eraserhead's Secret Love Child

Hitoshi Shinso is a character from U.A. High who isn't in Class 1-A, but he sure does look like the class' homeroom teacher. His expression and hair type is similar to Eraserhead's, and later on in the manga, he even begins taking lessons from the Pro.

Given all their similarities, it seems appropriate for Todoroki to ask his favorite question: Could Shinso be Aizawa's secret love child? (Sorry, it's impossible to pass up any meme that pokes fun at Todoroki's best line in the entire series.)

1 Pray For Aizawa

Listen, even if any of these memes could convince Eraserhead to crack a smile, it would still be an awkward one. He almost never smiles, and when he does, it's sort of like he doesn't know how to. This meme gives just a few hilarious examples from the series itself.

So, we don't only need to find memes to make Eraserhead smile. We also need to pray he learns how to smile.

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