My Hero Academia: Midoriya Learns He Wasn't All Might's First Choice

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Season 4, Episode 3 of My Hero Academia, "Boy Meets..."

In the last episode of My Hero Academia, we learned the full potential of the villain Overhaul when he left the League of Villains scrambling. As the forces of evil reassemble themselves, Midoriya finds himself in search of a new direction in his life. Having earned of his provisional license, he goes to Sir Nighteye to convince him to take on Midoriya for a work study placement.

Togata, one of the "Big Three" and another intern for Nighteye, gave Midoriya one key piece of advice: make Nighteye laugh. However, he seems to have gotten off on the worst foot possible, since Midoriya's "attempt" to make Nighteye laugh -- imitating All Might -- backfires horribly. Nighteye, All Might's former sidekick, looks enraged at the prospect of someone making light of All Might's grandeur. What should have been a match made in Heaven has taken a dark turn -- fast.

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Nighteye also takes issue with how Midoriya's eyes fail to recreate the wrinkles All Might had to their exact proportions. Nighteye even outright rejects Midoriya right away, but Midoriya quickly thinks on his feet, recalling a particular incident from All Might's past where he got vinegar in his eyes, justifying Midoriya's alternate eye expression. The two then start geeking out about All Might material.

After all their nerding out, Nighteye decides to take Midoriya on for a work studym, giving him a minimum of four months. Or, at least, he appears to, only to go on to then not approve it until Midoriya explains how he can justify his value to Nighteye, and what Midoriya can contribute.



Nighteye wants Midoriya, within three minutes, to justify his worth... by snatching the stamp for the contract from his fingers. This test is something that Togata didn't have to do, which Togata sees as a very concerning factor. He feels it's impossible for Midoriya to be able to pull off.

Midoriya uses his One For All quirk to travel incredibly fast across the room, yet Nighteye seems to consistently evade each grasp. With his ability of Foresight, after locking eyes with a person, he can foresee any action a person takes. All the while, Nighteye comments on how All Might might've made a mistake in choosing Midoriya as his pupil when Togata could have been a better candidate for One For All. Midoriya is taken aback at these comments. Nighteye verbally beats Midoriya down, but, after remembering how hard he trained to get this far, Midoriya refuses to give up.

He starts moving even faster, making tons of different moves to potentially baffle Nighteye, much like the speedy Gran Torino. All the while, he spreads things around the room to confuse Nighteye but still fails to capture the item. However, while Nighteye remains unimpressed, he realizes that Midoriya, in his efforts to capture the stamp, refused to ever step on any of the All Might memorabilia.

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Nighteye then reveals that he was always going to sign Midoriya the moment he heard that All Might's champion was coming. However, he remains firm in his belief that Togata is a better host for One For All, and Midoriya suspects Nighteye wants to convince him to give up his quirk to Togata.




While the dorm celebrates Midoriya's return, others seem a little uncertain. Everyone is dodging through U.A.'s requirements, trying to find the proper agencies willing to take up students for work studies. Tokoyami is the only one of the students to get an offer for a work study -- from Hawk, the No. 3 hero. In additional, Uraraka, Tsuyu and Kirishima are called by the Big Three for talks for something -- potentially other work studies. Bakugo and Todoroki, still yet to pass their entrance exams, mourn how far behind they're falling from their peers.

Meanwhile, Midoriya arrives at his work study and goes on surveillance while Nighteye searches for Overhaul by monitoring the organized yakuza groups. They know that Overhaul has made contact with the League of Villains so their objective is to tail Overhaul and his henchmen to figure out what he's up to.

Seconds into the surveillance, however, a girl with horns and pale hair runs right into Midoriya. And who should be right behind that girl? Overhaul.

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