My Hero Academia: 5 Quirks Stronger Than Endeavor's Hellflame (& 5 That Are Weaker)

Endeavor is one of the most impressive heroes in the world of My Hero Academia, second only to the Symbol of Peace, All Might. After All Might's retirement, Endeavor rose to the position of the Number 1 Hero, and he aims to become a pillar that everyone can rely on.

Using the majestic flames of his Quirk known as Hellflame, Endeavor makes sure that villains stay at bay all the time and the civilians stay unharmed. The sheer destructive capabilities of his quirk make him one of the strongest characters in the series, yet there are some quirks that are simply stronger than Endeavor's Hellflame.

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10 Stronger: Overhaul

The quirk Overhaul belongs to Kai Chisaki of the Shie Hassaikai. Using its power, Chisaki can reconstruct and deconstruct everything around him at will. Fighting Chisaki in close combat is extremely dangerous, as just a single touch from his quirk could spell the end of a person, as was the case with the League of Villains' Magne. Overhaul's quirk even allowed him to fight Mirio Togata to some extent, which speaks volumes about its deadly potential.

What's more, it even allowed him to merge with other people to increase his powers. As such, Overhaul is certainly a quirk stronger than Hellflame, however, whether Chisaki is stronger than Endeavor or not is a completely different topic.

9 Weaker: Explosion

Bakugo Katsuki's Explosion is what makes him stand out even in a class of geniuses at U.A. Using its powers, Bakugo can produce nitroglycerin from the palms of his hands and ignite it, leading to large-scale destruction. To further strengthen its ability, Bakugo has customized his costume accordingly.

Although the potential of this Quirk isn't completely measured yet, it's destructive capabilities simply pale when compared to Hellflame. When used for wide-ranged attacks, Bakugo suffers damage to his own body, which is yet another downside of this ability.

8 Stronger: Decay

Decay is the quirk ability of Shigaraki Tomura, who is the current leader of the League of Villains and the Paranormal Liberation Front. Although it was limited in power once, Shigaraki has taken his quirk's ability to new heights ever since the fight against the Meta Liberation Army.

By awakening its powers, Shigaraki can now spread the decay to people without making perfect contact. At Deika City, he was responsible for the erasure of half of the entire town and would've caused even greater destruction had Redestro not given up. Undoubtedly, Decay is a stronger quirk than Hellflame.

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7 Weaker: Erasure

Erasure is an Emitter type quirk that is wielded by Shota Aizawa, a pro-hero who is also the homeroom teacher of U.A's Class 1-A. Erasure allows Aizawa to erase the quirk of people at will. As such, the power of this quirk seems limitless.

However, the fact that Aizawa needs to keep on concentrating on the person for it to work makes it weak. Another glaring weakness of this quirk is that, once used, Erasure will deactivate if the user shuts their eyes, which includes blinking. With so many downsides, it is a no-brainer that Erasure is weaker than Hellflame.

6 Stronger: All For One

All For One is the Quirk ability of the most heinous criminal in the history of My Hero Academia, also named All For One. Using the power of this quirk, he can freely steal quirks from other people. Added to that is the ability to be able to stock multiple quirks and use them all according to his will.

All For One also allows him to distribute the stolen quirks among other people, making it a deadly ability. Although Hellflame is strong, it simply pales in comparison to All For One, which could very well be the strongest quirk of all time. All For One's power was enough to push All Might beyond his limits, which is something that Hellflame can't possibly do.

5 Weaker: Permeation

Belonging to Mirio Togata, Permeation is a unique quirk with some of the most intriguing powers in the My Hero Academia series. It grants Mirio the ability to phase his body through physical matter, which is very impressive. Strong as it sounds, it's not the Quirk itself that makes Mirio strong, but the rigorous training that has made him what he is today.

In fact, Permeation has more disadvantages than it has advantages. According to Mirio, when this quirk is activated, his senses stop working, since every element simply phases through him. The precise activation and deactivation of this quirk is also something that needs to be trained to perfection. While Mirio is someone comparable to Endeavor himself, his quirk certainly isn't as strong as Hellflame. Instead, it's what he has achieved with what he was granted that makes him overpowered.

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4 Stronger: One For All

An ability that has been passed down from generations, One For All is actually a combination of two quirks, the first being an ability to pass down power, and the second being a quirk that stockpiles power. So far, the Quirk has had 9 different users, with Midoriya being the 9th.

Using the abilities of this quirk, a person can release astronomical amounts of energy and cause large-scale destruction. All the physical aspects of the user are boosted to sky-high levels. Added to that, One For All only gets stronger with a new user and it has also gifted Midoriya with 7 more quirk abilities. No matter how strong Hellflame is, it simply isn't a match for One For All.

3 Weaker: Zero Gravity

Ochaco Uraraka's Quirk, known as Zero Gravity, is an interesting ability, to say the least. Using its powers, Uraraka can nullify the effects of gravity on any object that she touches with her fingers.

Although decent, its powers aren't made for high-level combat as it has some glaring weaknesses. Zero Gravity can only work as long as the touched object is within the weight limit of her quirk, which, as of now, is about 3 tons. Uraraka also has a limit on how many objects she can control, and an increase would simply weaken her grasp over the targets. If overdone, Uraraka starts feeling nauseated, which is yet another weakness that makes it weaker than Endeavor's Hellflame.

2 Stronger: Half-Cold Half-Hot

Belonging to Endeavor's son, Shoto Todoroki, Half-Cold Half-Hot is an ability that's made to surpass Endeavor as well as All Might. This quirk is simply a mixture of two abilities, one that allows Todoroki to control ice, and another that lets him manipulate fire, just like Endeavor.

While Hellflame is powerful, it has a limit as to how hot it can get. At a certain limit, Endeavor starts to get sluggish, and even his vision is compromised by the unbearable heat. Since Half-Cold Half-Hot has the ability to maintain standard temperatures with the usage of both sides, it is certainly stronger than Hellflame and has a much higher ceiling for improvement.

1 Weaker: Cremation

Cremation is the unofficial name of Dabi's quirk. Just like Endeavor, Dabi can create flames from parts of his body using this ability, although in his case, the flames are blue in color.

Just like Hellflame, Cremation makes Dabi's body unbearably hot and swells it up if used extensively. As such, it is unsuitable for prolonged battles. However, Endeavor has shown the ability to go beyond the limits of his quirk in his fight against High-End, which is something that Dabi likely cannot do. As such, it remains to be an ability weaker than Hellflame.

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