10 Hilarious My Hero Academia Deku Memes Only True Fans Will Understand

Izuku Midoriya, aka "Deku", of My Hero Academia is the main protagonist for good reasons. He's an underdog who was born without any superhero quirk, he aspires to be the greatest hero, and he has a fighting spirit that never gives up.

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And in addition to his strong presence as a qualified protagonist, Deku has also made himself out to be one of the most meme-able characters next to his idol, All Might. Whether he's geeking out over his favorite superheroes or resembling broccoli with his wild green hair, Deku is a hero who knows how to save the day with memes.

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10 All Might's Tough Love

Deku may have a loving and supportive mother, but not much is known about his father. Thankfully, All Might has stepped in to act as Deku's father-figure and role model.

In what appears to be a heartwarming reunion between the young boy and his mentor, All Might gives Deku a good punch to the face rather than a tender hug. This greatly replicates how a worried parent might react after finding their lost son in a grocery store. Although parents care deeply for their child, they won't hesitate to scold their child for misbehaving and acting recklessly. All Might is no different.

9 Scouting Out His Options

Deku's dreams of becoming a hero were crushed at a young age when the doctor told him he was born without a quirk. Because most superheroes are born with their own special quirk, it was highly unlikely that Deku could ever become the hero he aspired to be.

Everything changes for Deku when he meets his superhero idol, All Might. When All Might reveals that he was also born without a quirk and that One for All is inheritable, Deku begins to believe in his dreams again. After he successfully inherits one of the most powerful quirks, he slowly proves everyone who ever doubted him wrong.

8 Deku And Uraraka

There is much debate over who would make a good romantic interest for Deku, and one of the strongest contenders is Uraraka. Uraraka is a pure and innocent character with a quirk that controls gravity. So naturally, she gravitates toward Deku.

The two first met at the U.A. Entrance Exam and have since become close friends in Class 1-A. Though Deku and Uraraka differ in personalities and backgrounds, it is apparent that their habits might've rubbed off on one another after spending enough time together. With moments where they are equally wide-eyed and a tad chaotic, maybe the perfect couple does exist.

7 Deku As Broccoli

The "midori" in Deku's last name, Midoriya, means "green" in Japanese to conveniently match his natural hair color. In combination with the color, Deku's iconic bushy hairstyle resembles a piece of broccoli.

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Whether or not this was intentional in Kohei Horikoshi's original character design for Deku, the green theme around Deku's entire existence only adds to the broccoli effect. In this meme, a young Deku is completely replaced by broccoli until he has a drastic glow-up into the lovable character he is today. Basically, if you aren't a broccoli lover, you can't have Deku either.

6 Being A Shonen Protagonist

Being the protagonist of a shonen anime isn't always easy, and more often than not, it comes with a price. Many shonen protagonists are damaged from their past, they don't fit in with everyone else, and they get put into many life-or-death situations.

As someone who strives to become one of the greatest superheroes, Deku is more than willing to put his life on the line for the sake of protecting others. But even in the most dangerous of situations, he knows everything will be fine because he's a shonen protagonist who will inevitably be saved by the author.

5 Deku And Ariana

Everyone knows that a costume is essential in the world of superheroes, but the actual design of the costume may be more important than you'd think. The students at U.A. High School were given the opportunity to design their own costumes, and Deku didn't let it pass him by.

In his costume design plans, Deku noted that he wanted to look "cool like All Might" with a bunny-shaped head mask. Coincidentally, he ended up looking more like Ariana Grande in her Dangerous Woman outfit than All Might. Somehow Deku's costume hits a little different than Ariana's.

4 The Most Iconic Duo

Many superheroes come in pairs like Batman & Robin or Mermaid Man & Barnacle Boy. Together, these heroes join forces to take down bad guys and save the day. They're practically inseparable and known for their loyalty to one another.

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Throughout the My Hero Academia series, Deku spends a considerable amount of time laying in a hospital bed. Though it is not intentional, his frequent trips to the doctor are usually due to self-inflicted injuries from his One for All quirk. At this point, Deku has become so acquainted with the hospital bed that they've been labeled the most iconic duo.

3 Deku's Photo Face

For a boy who fights crime and becomes the world's greatest hero, Deku has the face of an angel--usually. His big round eyes and freckled cheeks are proof of his youth and innocence. But even someone a sweet as Deku has their less cute moments.

In an attempt to imitate All Might, Deku completely changes his face and voice just for an instant. Rather than his usual rounded facial features, he gains a more angled and shadowed structure to replicate his idol's iconic face. This huge difference between Deku's two faces can be paralleled with how some people feel they look completely different in photos than in real life.

2 Deku's Plan

Nothing about Deku's journey of becoming a hero was planned. But if it was, it would look a little something like this meme.

Since Deku was not born with a quirk, he needed to figure out a way to get his hands on one. In meeting All Might, Deku successfully befriended the man and convinced him to pass on the One for All quirk to him. Once One for All was in Deku's possession, he proceeded to break his own bones, a major drawback to using such a powerful quirk. As Deku would find out, all good things come at a cost.

1 Deku Being Genuinely Nice

Deku and Bakugo have had a pretty toxic relationship since they were little. While Bakugo has continuously bullied or raged at Deku, Deku has always remained kind.

Perhaps due to Bakugo's fiery and cynical attitude, he always assumes that Deku is out to get him. But in reality, Deku truly cares about Bakugo as he does with the rest of his classmates. Bakugo just can't seem to realize Deku's genuine kindness when he sees it. What they can both agree on, however, is that they are each others' biggest rival.

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