10 My Hero Academia Cosplays That Are Too Good To Be True

Have you ever taken a moment or two to browse all of the insanely good My Hero Academia cosplays out there? Because there’s a lot of them. Seriously. While all of the cosplays out there show the fans' passion for the series. Some of them are truly just out of this world. Honestly, some of the ones we found are so well done, they could have been used for a live-action rendition of the series. Which actually sounds like an interesting challenge…

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Here we've collected ten of our favorite My Hero Academia cosplays. And we’re pleased to note that there was a wide variety of characters to be found, both online and in this batch.

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10 Bright Eyed Midoriya

Check out this bright-eyed Midoriya cosplay by Lorentz Iwood. And those freckles! The freckles make this cosplay. They're precious! But seriously, everything about this cosplay is spot on when it comes to our young hero, Deku.

The hair is another shining example in this cosplay, as is the shockingly accurate costume itself – though of course in Deku's case, there were a couple of variations to choose from. We're happy with the choice made here though!

9 Striking Shota Aizawa

This Shota Aizawa cosplay by Shu is absolutely striking. This Aizawa could have walked out of the screen, from the looks of things. And it looks like he's about to freeze the viewers' quirks to boot!

Aizawa's signature look is perfectly captured here – everything from the red eyes to the messy hair, and even his secondary weapon are all included. We especially appreciate the attention to detail and the way they cleverly reinforced the binding cloth.

8 Midnight At Her Best

Check out this Midnight cosplay by Kinpatsu. Isn't it amazing? While the background certainly helps to accent the character, the cosplay itself is incredibly well done.

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Everything about the costume looks perfect, down to the mask worn and Midnight's preferred weapon of choice (not counting her quirky sleeping gas, that is). And of course, we have to give bonus points for the pose. It perfectly shows off all of the work put into this outfit.

7 Bright Bakugo

And check out this bright Bakugo cosplay by jeef.cosplay. Our explosive hero has come to life here, complete with the starkly bright hair, dramatic expression, and massive grenade cuffs. Seeing Bakugo in his hero outfit is really cool, and shows that this was the perfect choice for this cosplay.

This cosplay is definitely handmade, showing the loving attention to detail that went into the process. And of course, the pose is pure Bakugo. The only thing that could make this image look more like the character is if he was screaming at the camera.

6 Hardcore Kirishima

And of course, you can't have Bakugo without Kirishima. And this Kirishima cosplay by rufyd.bruno is worth talking about! Here we see Kirishima in his hero outfit. Or should we say, here's Red Riot ready to kick some butt!

We love the vibrant hair, the detail of Kirishima's mask, and so many other elements they nailed in this cosplay. It's absolutely perfect. Actually, it's better because it was made by a fan.

5 Colorful Mina Ashido

This colorful Ashido cosplay is to die for. All credit goes to Ynotece for this one. There are dozens of Ashido cosplays out there, and many of them are noteworthy. But this one is our personal favorite. The choice of backdrop helped to sell the character, as did the choice to go with Pinky's hero costume.

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The hair, skin tone, and horns were all well done as well. It must have been hard to find the right tone of pink, and to make sure it'd stay on so perfectly. So credit where credit is due here.

4 Mount Lady

This human-sized Mount Lady cosplay by OJeniferAnn is another noteworthy addition to our list. She did a wonderful job with the costume here. The attention to detail on the colors and pattern design was perfect. It looks straight out of the anime. As does the hair! That hair is lovely and perfect.

And we have to admit that the poses are very much in line with Mount Lady and her style. There's no doubt that if Mount Lady had been offered a photo shoot in these locations, she would have gladly jumped at the opportunity.

3 Bloodthirsty Himiko Toga

Check out this Himiko Toga cosplay by tay, it's to die for (literally!). This Toga comes complete with the gas mask that our little villain complained so viciously about – but it looks amazing. We especially like the accurate schoolgirl uniform, complete with the red scarf tied loosely around her neck.

All of the details of this cosplay are fun and strikingly accurate. And it doesn't hurt that the cosplayer looks the part as well! Talk about playing to your strengths.

2 Punk Tokoyami

Most of the My Hero Academia cosplays out there focus on the characters that look a bit more human (with a few exceptions). However, it's cosplaying like this one that really goes the extra mile. And they should get the extra credit for it.

This cosplay is of Tokoyami is by toko_bird, and it has more of a punk style going. But we like it! If Tokoyami dressed like this in the series, he'd probably have a lot more girls chasing him. Whether or not he would enjoy the attention is a whole different story...

1 Dynamic Dabi

And of course, we can't ignore this Dabi cosplay by sosenka.official. This is such a striking cosplay. Dabi is a fascinating character to begin with, his color palette and additional facial features make him stand out no matter where he is. And this cosplay nails it.

The amount of effort that must have gone into Dabi's makeup...it's difficult to imagine. But it was clearly worth it. And to go all out on the effect and include the neck, it was a brilliant choice and really stayed loyal to the character. The jacket with the thick stitches finished off this look, and boy is it a look!

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