My Hero Academia: 10 Things You Didn't Know About Overhaul

Although Overhaul has only recently been introduced to fans following the My Hero Academia anime, he’s already made quite the impressions on the young heroes of UA as well as the fans. The young leader of the Shie Hassaikai yakuza crime family seems to be striving after his unknown (for fans of the anime) goal.

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But what exactly does Kai Chisaki hope to accomplish with all of his underground schemings? And just how did he end up the villain that the heroes have been introduced to in the series?

10 Mysophobia

Though Overhaul is perhaps one of the most terrifying villains to have been introduced in the series so far, to say that he isn’t afraid would be a major miscalculation. While Overhaul is often shown to be incredibly calm, cool and collected, the young villain is, in fact, ruled by fear. Mysophobia, in particular.

Mysophobia, or as it’s more commonly known, germophobia, has gripped Overhaul to such a degree that it rules nearly every aspect of his being. From his outfit to his villainous goals, Overhaul is a young man ruled by his fears.

9 Ridding The World Of The Disease Called Quirks

Though Overhaul has made it relatively clear to those around him that he hopes to create a drug capable of destroying quirks in order to gain power over society and use that power to build up the Shie Hassaikai yakuza crime family from the depths to which it sank, Overhaul has much more insidious goals.

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After hearing a rumor that quirks were originally a disease that was passed from rodents to humans before mutating into the quirks that fans know today, Overhaul, ruled by his fears, knew that he had to do something to rid the world of this disease which created false heroes and numerous, inadequate villains.

8 Saved From The Streets

Though Overhaul is often viewed as an incredibly powerful and capable villain that runs his own branch of a yakuza crime family, he wasn’t always the capable and confident leader that viewers have been introduced to. In fact, when he was first brought into the Shie Hassaikai crime family, Overhaul was nothing but a young boy living on the streets.

However, after the previous head of the Shie Hassaikai crime family took notice of him and took him under his wing, things really began to change to the young Kai Chisaki.

7 Finding His Purpose

After being brought into the Shie Hassaikai crime family, the young Chiskai really began to find his footing and blossom into the young villain that he would become. At the time, there was little that Chisaki wouldn’t do for the man who had taken him under his wing and spared him from a life on the streets.

Chisaki wasn’t too sure of his position in the family, but he knew he would do anything to bring the Shie Hassaikai crime family back to their previous glory for the man who had saved him.

6 Defying The Big Boss

After finding his calling, bring the Shie Hassaikai crime family back to its former glory, there was little that the young Chisaki wouldn’t do to protect the honor of both the family and the man who had saved him. Unfortunately for everyone involved, the way this manifested was to become incredibly cruel and void of remorse.

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Chisaki had decided that the only way to bring the family back up to its former strength was to show everyone exactly how strong he was by using his quirk in all manner of violent and unconscionable ways. The boss, however, did not view this as the only way to assert power and regain their glory and asked that Chisaki end this behavior. A request that Chisaki would whole-heartedly ignore.

5 Betraying The Big Boss

While Chisaki had already begun to stray down a much darker path than even the big boss had intended for him, he still remained loyal to the boss. It was only after learning about the big boss’ granddaughter and her quirk, however, that Chisaki was finally willing to break rank.

He realized that because of the fact that Eri’s quirk also affected her body, they would be able to use her blood to make a quirk-destroying vaccine, which they could use to regain the previous glory of the Shie Hassaikai crime family. When the big boss refused his idea, Chisaki went on to attack the boss, leaving him in a come before taking control of both Eri and the Shie Hassaikai.

4 His Quirk: Overhaul

With his quirk, Overhaul, Chisaki can disassemble and reassemble anything that he comes into contact with. This means that if he is fighting an opponent on solid ground he can simply touch the ground and begin to shift the terrain in a way that befits him in battle.

He can also simply touch a person and disassemble their body, which has made it incredibly easy for him to kill over the years. His quirk is tremendously powerful, but that’s not all Chisaki has up his sleeves.

3 Enhanced Agility & Durability

Though Chiskai’s quirk, Overhaul, allows him to rearrange matter in pretty much any shape of form he wishes, that is not the extent of his power. Like many of the heroes and villains of My Hero Academia, Chisaki has some enhanced attributes. For instance, Chisaki has incredible speed and reaction time.

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He’s also extremely durable when it comes to resisting the attacks of any of his opponents. He has been able to withstand multiple punches from Mirio Togata, whose punches are regularly able to knock out some high-tier villains. He’s also withstood punches from Deku while he was using 100% full-cowl.

2 Fusions

While his quirk has already been seen (in the anime) to wreak havoc on a person’s body, he’s also capable of doing much more than destroying a body. There are several instances, in fact, where Chisaki actually uses his quirk to fuse with one (or several) of his men during times of great distress.

When fused, Chisaki has been shown to be able to use the quirks of the men he’s assimilated in order to boost his own offensive and defensive capabilities. Yuck.

1 Kai The Quirkless

Though Chiaki’s plan had always involved using Eri’s blood in order to create a quirk-destroying drug that would not only allow the Shie Hassaikai crime family to recapture their previous glory, but also make the world a little cleaner as far as Chisaki was concerned, it was actually Chisaki that would end up the quirkless one.

Tomura and the League of Villains eventually manage to steal Chisaki’s supply of the quirk-destroying drug. To add insult to injury, however, before it is all said and done Mr. Compress and Tomura destroy Chisaki’s arms, leaving him unable to use his quirk.

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