My Hero Academia: Who Are the Big Three?

My Hero Academia the Big Three

With the popular anime and manga franchise My Hero Academia thrilling fans with its mix of coming-of-age comedy and superhero action, the students of U.A. High School have three very clear mentor figures among their classmates as they train to become the next generation of Japanese superheroes.

Known as The Big Three, a trio of students ranked as the most powerful aspiring superheroes in all of Japan serve as mentors to incoming students. With well-trained, extremely powerful Quirks that grant them extraordinary abilities, the upperclassmen trifecta play a pivotal role in the series. Here's an introduction of each of The Big Three and how they have figured in the story so far.

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Tamaki Amajiki

Pale, with pointy ears and messy hair, Tamaki Amajiki is the most shy and socially withdrawn of The Big Three. Dealing with crippling anxiety and poor public speaking skills, Tamaki regularly speaks while facing a wall instead of his audience, a position he similarly whenever he feels uncomfortable or embarrassed.

What Tamaki lacks in social graces, he more than makes up for with his keen tactical mind, martial arts training, and enhanced strength and speed, making him second only to Mirio Togata as the strongest student in U.A. High School.

Tamaki's Quirk, Manifest, allows him to take on the characteristics of whatever food he still has in his digestive system with the potency of his abilities dependent on how much food has yet to be digested in his body. This informs his super-move, Chimera Kraken, that allows him to spring four powerful tentacles, each protected by a layer of strong barnacles.

Mirio Togata

Tall, muscular, and blond, Mirio Togata is the strongest student at U.A. High School. Unfailingly cheerful to the point of disarming goofiness, Mirio is a hard-working, dedicated hero constantly striving to be the best he can be to live up to the example of the superheroes that first inspired him.

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With superhuman strength, speed, and endurance to the point of near-total invulnerability, Mirio is able to take down seemingly superior threats single-handedly. He even took down an entire class of younger superheroes by himself in a training exercise using his uncanny ability to read his opponents' movements. Mirio once possessed the Quirk of permeation which allowed him to go intangible, but he lost this ability during his fight with Kai.

At his peak, Mirio possesses two signature super-moves including Blinder Touch Eye Crush that allowed him to use his intangibility to fool opponents before striking them with an actual blow, and the Phantom Menace, which has him combine his strength and speed in a blur of precise strikes that incapacitated multiple targets virtually simultaneously.

Nejire Hado

A girl with long lavender hair down to her waist, Nejire Hado is the third most powerful student at U.A. High School. Kind, excitable, and curious, Nejire's bubbly personality can come off as blunt at times, since her excitement outweighs her social perspective though not maliciously.

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Nejire's Quirk, Wave Motion, allows her to convert her effervescent energy into shockwaves that she can either emanate from her hands like blasts or from her entire body with her super-move, Wring Wave, showcasing an even more powerful from of the shockwave. Additionally Nejire can use her Quirk to propel herself into the air in flight. Because of the nature of her Quirk, Nejire has developed a considerable amount of stamina to compensate for the energy consumption.

My Hero Academia returns for its fourth season this October.

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