My Hero Academia: 5 Greatest Relationships (& 5 Dysfunctional Ones)

The popular new anime series My Hero Academia follows Izuku Midoriya as he enrolls at UA to become a pro hero, like he always dreamed of being. This is the classic "magical high school" situation, and Izuku is in a whole class of teenagers with superpowers. There's bound to be all kinds of friendships and rivalries as these adolescents figure their lives out.

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And it's not just the students. Some pro heroes and parents also struggle with difficult relationships with their children or with their biggest rivals, while other heroes have wonderful friendships with one another. Let's look over five healthy and positive friendships and alliances in this series, as well as the five most difficult or dysfunctional relationships (as of early in season four).

10 Best: Izuku and Ochaco

These kids have such great chemistry, don't they? Ochaco is a kind and wholesome girl who warmly welcomed Izuku to UA, and they've been inseparable ever since. Not only that, but they really inspire and uplift one another, and love may be brewing!

Shonen manga is often very light on romantic plots, but there have been all kinds of juicy hints that Izuku and Ochaco are destined to be an item. And we're rooting for them 100%.

9 Worst: All Might and All For One

These two men couldn't possibly be more different from one another, as the names of their respective quirks suggest. All Might is the symbol of peace who is ready to give his very life to defend the innocent, while All For One uses his quirk of the same name to amass many quirks and become the ultimate power that everyone must bow down to.

They have traded deadly blows in the past, and their final battle was apocalyptic in scale. But even after All For One ended up in the prison known as Tartarus, All Might paid him a visit, and All For One's sneering words sent a chill down the Symbol of Peace's spine.

8 Best: Aizawa and Ms. Joke

Ah, more star-crossed lovers! Kind of. So far, Ms. Joke's big crush is rather one-sided, and her attempts to get Aizawa to the altar with her are coming up short (she doesn't take it too hard). It's also been pointed out that with their costumes, personalities, and quirks, they're almost like Batman and the Joker from DC Comics!

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Still, these pro heroes respect each other greatly, and they seem to have a friendly rivalry as they watch their respective students compete in the hero license exam.

7 Worst: Neito Monoma and Hero Class 1-A

Seriously, what's up with this kid? It's one thing for two classes in UA to have a rivalry and spur each other on. But Neito is positively foaming at the mouth in his obsession to take class 1-A down a few pegs. He treats them like arrogant villains!

Neito misses zero chances to critique or mock hero class 1-A, and they can only stare dumbfounded as he runs his yapper like that. Fortunately, Izuku and the others don't take the bait.

6 Best: The Wild Wild Pussycats

These four cat-themed heroes have been inseparable ever since they teamed up some years ago. Ragdoll, Tiger, Mandalay, and Pixie Bob are a tight-knit team who use their combined combat prowess and quirks to rescue anyone who needs help in the mountains of Japan.

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Later, when Ragdoll lost her quirk to All For One, the other three Pussycats were quick to comfort her in her time of need, and she is feeling a bit better now.

5 Worst: Mineta and Tsuyu

Let's be honest: Mineta has a pretty rotten rapport with all the girls in hero class 1-A, given his ultra-pervert ways. Don't forget that time he tried to peep through a hole in the locker room wall to check out all the girls!

But in particular, Mineta was with Tsuyu and Izuku when the villains attacked USJ, and right there, while hiding from the enemy, Mineta helped himself to a pretty R-rated handful of his froggy classmate! What are you, a villain in the making?!

4 Best: Tenya and Tensei Iida

These are two of the coolest brothers you'll ever meet. The older one, Tensei, became a hero first and sported a pretty cool costume to go with his heart of gold. This inspired Tenya greatly, and he fashioned himself a costume in his brother's honor.

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Tragedy struck when the hero killer Strain cornered Tensei and badly injured him, and Tenya rushed off to confront Stain with uncharacteristic rage and recklessness. Still, it shows how loyal a brother he is, and that counts for something, if you think about it.

3 Worst: Shoto and Endeavor

Some pro heroes are parents, such as the #2 hero (for a time) Endeavor. But this flame-wielding man is more concerned about his image and his legacy than anything, and he deemed most of his children as unworthy failures. That's no way for a father to think.

Then Shoto was born, and Endeavor saw him as the perfect tool to make his legacy immortal. Father and son do not get along, and even Shoto's mother suffered for it. In fact, Shoto often hides the flame half of his quirk out of sheer spite.

2 Best: Itsuka and hero class 1-A

In contrast to the bratty Neito, Itsuka Kendo is like a big sister who practices tough love. Many of her classmates in hero class 1-B hold a grudge over class 1-A, but Itsuka is nothing but friendly and cooperative with them, no matter what.

Itsuka isn't the strongest UA student out there, but her upbeat and mature attitude in the face of the 1-A and 1-B rivalry is impressive.

1 Worst: Inko Midoriya and All Might

Inko and All Might don't have anything against each other personally. But while Inko looked up to All Might like anyone else, she couldn't stand the toll that All Might's legacy was taking on Izuku's body.

Fortunately, Inko and All Might talked it out, but there was one day when Inko was ready to pull Izuku out of hero training, nearly in tears from the stress of it all. All Might, for his part, was nothing but apologetic, smartly realizing what a burden he was placing on the Midoriya family. They played tug of war with Izuku, and it made for a really tense scene. What is Izuku to do when his path to the hero life could kill him and rob his mother of the only family she has?

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