My Hero Academia: 5 Classmates You'd Like to Have (& 5 You Wouldn't)

My Hero Academia is one of the hottest anime series out there right now, and it follows Izuku Midoriya on his quest to become a pro hero after All Might granted him the quirk known as One For All. So, Izuku enrolls at UA, Japan's top heroics school.

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This action-packed anime has all kinds of cool fight scenes, and many heroes are a loving tribute to Shonen, Marvel, and DC heroes who came before. But don't forget the "academia" part, since this is also a high school story. Izuku has a room full of classmates in class 1-A, and there's also the rival class 1-B and the support department's students, too. These heroes-in-training are students above all, and some are more wholesome than others. If you enrolled at UA too, which five students would make for great classmates, and which would probably end up in detention?

10 Great classmate: Izuku Midoriya

Izuku is still trying to figure his quirk out, and in a way, he's like Harry Potter: the student at "magic high school" who's still figuring things out as he goes. But he's a smart kid and gets good grades, and he's humble about it.

Izuku could also help out his classmates with training, since he's cooperative and creative, and he's a very upbeat and positive fellow. He'd always know what to say if a classmate fell behind, and offer some motivating words. He's your pal, no matter what.

9 Bad classmate: Neito Monoma

Neito is probably at least a solid student, given how clever he is. He might be near the top of class 1-B, along with Itsuka. So what's the issue? His attitude! He is pretty insecure, petty, and spiteful, and he's loud about it. It consumes his every thought.

Hero class 1-B generally resents class 1-A to some extent, but Neito is a total maniac about it, and it would get really tiresome to put up with that. It might even affect your own attitude as a student, seeing things in such a negative light with him around.

8 Great classmate: Itsuka Kendo

She's also in hero class-1B like Neito is, but they couldn't be more different. For one thing, Itsuka is class 1-B's president, so she's got some serious leadership aptitude even in a prestigious school like UA.

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Itsuka is also a kind and agreeable girl, and she can make friends with just about anyone. And it's her who puts a stop to Neito's jealous yapping, acting like the stern big sister of the class. She's mature and cool-headed, which are great attributes for a student and a hero.

7 Bad classmate: Mineta Minoru

You probably saw this one coming from a mile away. Mineta's grades are actually solid, and Denki and Mina were surprised that he had edged his way into the class's upper half (grades-wise). He's also pretty adept at using his quirk, Pop Off.

But the good stuff ends there. Mineta is a shameless pervert and weirdo, harassing every girl in sight with his obnoxious ways (that's putting it mildly). The girls can't stand him, and most of the boys shake their heads in dismay. He also doesn't seem terribly cooperative or brave in battle or in the classroom, being pretty wrapped up in his own shallow interests.

6 Great classmate: Momo Yaoyorozu

Momo Yaoyorozu, like Shoto Todoroki, is so talented that she got into UA through recommendations. She's a front-runner for Best Girl, and Momo makes for a wonderful classmate. She's not nearly as pretentious as you'd expect a genius girl from a wealthy family to be, either.

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Momo cares deeply for her classmates like they're her own brothers and sisters, and she won't hesitate to help them study (even hosting a study party at her house). She's ready to tutor just about anyone, and she will turn a sympathetic ear to any troubled classmate. If you need a big sister figure at school, Momo's the one (along with Itsuka).

5 Bad classmate: Shoto Todoroki

Shoto Todoroki is a highly skilled hero in training and a smart boy, but he's a real lone wolf, not much different from Katsuki Bakugo (more on that soon). Shoto shows little interest in getting along with his classmates in any sense, and he'd rather everyone just stay out of his way.

He's not very good friend material, at least not at first, and he's not the type to help someone study or practice for physical tests at all. He's more likely to saunter away. Or in the case of Inasa Yoarashi, give such a cold shoulder that you might enroll in a different school just to avoid him!

4 Great classmate: Ochaco Uraraka

Here is another top contender for Best Girl of My Hero Academia: the wholesome Ochaco Uraraka, or Uravity, her hero name. Although not the best student, she's enthusiastic and very cooperative, and she can make friends easily. She has such a gentle nature, so it's difficult to not like her.

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Ochaco is very welcoming of others, and when Izuku arrived at UA feeling lost and alone, Ochaco was right there to welcome him. She also has a good sense of responsibility and maturity, and she's not the type to talk badly of someone behind their back or tease them. She'd rather stand up to the bullies instead.

3 Bad classmate: Katsuki Bakugo

He's in the same boat as Shoto where classmate quality is concerned. There is exactly one person whom Bakugo looks up to, and that is All Might. Everyone else is a hindrance, an enemy, or not even worth his time at all!

How are you supposed to share a class with someone like him? He's a good student, but he's stingy with tutoring help (he made an exception for Kirishima). Don't forget his explosive attitude and overzealous need to prove himself the best. If you're in his class, the best you can hope for is that he doesn't bother getting in your face.

2 Great classmate: Eijiro Kirishima

Kirishima is tough and cool like some of the other guys at UA, but unlike them, he's easy to get along with. Kirishima strives to reach the heights of manliness and coolness, but unlike Bakugo, he doesn't trample on anyone else or look down on them.

Kirishima is more like a role model for anyone trying to realize their potential, and he's bound to give them a few words of encouragement and offer a hand when they fall down. Wouldn't you like a classmate like him?

1 Bad classmate: Yuga Aoyama

Okay, he's not that bad. Aoyama isn't in-your-face like Bakugo or a total pervert like Mineta. But still, he'd be a bit insufferable in class, since all he wants to do is show off and brag about how sparkly and cool he is, regardless of anyone's opinion.

Aoyama's hero skills are still in development, so he'd do a pretty limited job supporting a classmate during physical exams and tests. What's more, he's actually one of the lowest-ranked students in class 1-A in grades, being 18th place out of 20. He's not ready to help you study. Instead, he might borrow notes from you. He'll probably ask nicely, at least.

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