My Hero Academia: 10 Best Prodigies In The Series, Ranked

The world of My Hero Academia has seen the rise of a lot of Heroes and Villains over the course of time. While most of these Heroes and Villains grow up to be fairly powerful, there are some who are a cut above the rest. They are blessed with immense potential right from their childhood, making them prodigies.

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Among all the characters in the entire series, these select few ones have the highest ceiling, with some of them possessing power that could see them surpass even the Number One Hero, All Might in terms of power. Here are the 10 best-known prodigies in My Hero Academia to date.

10 Eijiro Kirishima

Eijiro Kirishima is one of Midoriya's classmates at U.A, and one of the most significant characters in the entire My Hero Academia series. The fact that Kirishima was able to break into U.A by itself establishes him as someone really powerful right from the beginning.

Using his Quirk, known as Hardening, Kirishima has been given a power that will only get stronger with time. That's not to say that he doesn't put in the effort. Kirishima is one of the most hardworking students at U.A as well. The way he uses his Quirk sees to it that he's one of the most competent ones in the entire series.

9 Hitoshi Shinso

Shinso was once a student of Class 1-C, but come the second year, he'll be moving to the Hero division. He possesses a Quirk known as Brainwashing that allows him to control anyone as long as they answer any of his questions.

In essence, his Quirk is extremely overpowered when used against the Villains. His powers are something that cannot be countered by normal means and it is easy to see that Shinso's training under Aizawa has made him even bigger of a threat than he was before.

8 Izuku Midoriya

Yes, Midoriya also makes our list of prodigies in My Hero Academia despite not having a Quirk initially. Midoriya's aptitude sees to it that he's always a couple of steps ahead of the villains, no matter when and how they strike.

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Furthermore, after receiving One For All, it didn't take him long to gain control over its powers, which shows that he has an excellent understanding of things. After training under Endeavor for just one week, Midoriya gained the ability to use Black Whips as well, further consolidating his position among the prodigies of the world.

7 Momo Yaoyorozu

Another one of Midoriya's classmates in Class 1-A at U.A, Momo is one of the smartest, if not the smartest characters in the entire series. Her Quirk, named Creation, gives her an intricate understanding of nearly everything in My Hero Academia. Using her abilities, she can create nearly everything that she knows about.

Just like Midoriya, Momo possesses a high intellect, evident from the fact that she was able to attach a tracker on the Nomu and Bakugo's rescue was possible only because of her.

6 Mirio Togata

Mirio Togata may not be extremely talented, but the effort that he's put in makes him a genius as well. Over the course of time, Mirio has become a genius of hardwork in the story, akin to Rock Lee from Naruto.

He may not be a prodigy in essence, but the way he's mastered his abilities in such a short amount of time to an incredibly huge level just shows that he's no normal kid either. Undoubtedly, Mirio is one of the prodigies in My Hero Academia, and he will continue to grow into a great Hero in the future.

5 Hawks

Hawks is the current Number 2 Hero in My Hero Academia, behind the Flame Hero Endeavor. His Quirk had made him into one of the fastest known characters in the entire My Hero Academia series. Thanks to his powers, he can multitask as no other Hero can.

What's more, Hawks is likely the youngest Hero to achieve the rank of number 2 as he's just six years older than Midoriya and his classmates. Evidently, Hawks is a prodigy who still has room to grow further. In the future, he could even take the role of the Number One if Endeavor isn't watching his back.

4 Yagi Toshinori

Yagi Toshinori, also known as All Might, is one of the brightest known people in the world of My Hero Academia. Right from a young age, Toshinori was powerful and brazenly bold. After receiving the One For All from Nana Shimura, it didn't take Yagi long to master its powers at all.

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In fact, Yagi claims that he didn't have any problems with the One For All that Midoriya has. In a short span of time, he established himself as the Number One Hero, and that goes to show that he was a genius indeed.

3 Shigaraki Tomura

Shigaraki was a guy with immense potential right from the time he was a kid. Although he wanted to be a Hero, the constant abuse he suffered from his father made him snap and awaken his Quirk, known as Decay, leading to the instant death of everyone around him.

Shigaraki's Quirk was suppressed due to his hazy memories. However, after the events of the Meta Liberation Army arc, Shigaraki re-awakened his Quirk, making him into one of the strongest characters in the entire series. Therefore, his potential was sky-high, to begin with.

2 Shoto Todoroki

Dubbed as the child with the potential to surpass even All Might, Shoto is one of the most overpowered next-generation characters in the new generation. His Quirk, known as Half-Cold Half-Hot, gives him the ability to manipulate flames and ice at the same time. In doing so, Shoto becomes a character who will surpass his father in the next couple of years.

He aims to be a Hero like All Might, and certainly, he will get to achieve that goal in the near future. Shoto is, undeniably, one of the most talented characters in My Hero Academia, and when coupled with the effort that he puts in, he certainly does become worthy of being on the list.

1 Bakugo Katsuki

Bakugo Katsuki is Midoriya's rival to the spot of Number One Hero in My Hero Academia. Like his rival, it is expected of Bakugo to be, more or less, around the same level as Midoriya. In fact, it is possible that he's slightly stronger than Midoriya right now.

Bakugo's Quirk is an exceptionally powerful one, as pointed out by both All Might and Endeavor. When honed properly, it will see him rise to the absolute top and go beyond where All Might once stood.

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