My Hero Academia: The 10 Best Episodes, According to IMDb

The smash-hit anime My Hero Academia has become a fan favorite, and it's showing no signs of slowing down. The show's fourth season has begun, and viewers are eager to see more adventures of Izuku Midoriya and his classmates of Hero Class 1-A.

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The show has come a long way already, and some story arcs, battles, and revelations really stand out as high points in the series. On IMDb, many fans have rated the separate episodes of My Hero Academia (65 as of this writing), and some have emerged as the favorite so far. Which ten episodes are the most highly regarded in the fans' eyes?

10 Episode 47: "All For One" (8.8)

Tragedy struck the students of UA when Katsuki Bakugo was kidnapped during the forest training sequence. Izuku and his friends were quick to mount an unauthorized rescue mission, and they soon found the League of Villains' lair.

Things get hairy, though, when the bad guys pressure Bakugo into joining their ranks, and the terrifying villain All For One makes his chilling debut! Even the pro heroes are quaking in their boots at the sight of him.

9 Episode 29: "Hero Killer: Stain Vs UA Students" (9.0)

Most of these top ten episodes of My Hero Academia involve the most exciting and high-stakes hero battles in the entire show, and that includes this tense episode from season 2.

The hero killer known as Stain has struck, and at the same time, Tomura has unleashed more Nomu minions in the city. Izuku, Shoto, and the others struggle to capture Stain, but he's a high-ranking villain, and taking him down is much easier said than done.

8 Episode 30: "Climax" (9.0)

The Stain battle proved highly popular among viewers, and another episode from that story appears here in the top 10. The battle against Stain and the Nomu reaches its high point, as the title suggests, and Izuku, Shoto, and Tenya Iida subdue Stain by the skin of their teeth.

In the main battle, Endeavor and Gran Torino put a stop to the Nomu rampage, and Endeavor takes control of the situation since All Might is not present. The good guys have won... but oddly, it hardly even feels like a victory.

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7 Episode 65: "Overhaul" (9.1)

This is the first plot-heavy episode in My Hero Academia's fourth season, and the position of "villain boss" is hotly contested! Tomura feels entitled to the position of boss since All For One had groomed him for the position. But the yakuza member known as Overhaul feels differently, and he boasts great skill in leadership and organization.

Tomura and his allies attack, and Overhaul kills Magne in a show of force. Everyone stands down, though, and Overhaul urges Tomura to reconsider. Back in the hero world, Izuku nervously approaches Sir Nighteye with Mirio Togata, interested in an internship there. Will he land it? Time will tell!

6 Episode 12: "All Might" (9.1)

Many of this show's most popular episodes take place in seasons 2 and 3, but this early episode captured the imagination of fans all over. This is the first major clash between heroes and villains, and Tomura's gang has backed the UA students into a corner. But just in time, All Might has arrived, and he's not here to deliver a lecture!

The world's top hero musters what remaining strength he has to fight a Nomu, an engineered being with multiple quirks. Even All Might is pressed to the limit until he shatters those limits and sends the Nomu flying with a punch for the ages. The heroes have won the day!

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5 Episode 48: "Symbol of Peace" (9.2)

The incredible battle between All Might and All For One looms large in the My Hero Academia story, and fans loved every minute of it. This is the middle episode of the titanic struggle, and All For One shows his incredible multi-quirk battle power against the world's top hero.

It's not looking good if even All Might is struggling, and getting Bakugo to safety is foremost in the hero's and Izuku's minds. The stakes have never been higher, and the villains have never been more powerful.

4 Episode 42: "My Hero" (9.3)

Kota, the orphaned son of two heroes, is highly skeptical that heroes really can make a difference in the world. But when the Villain Vanguard Squad arrives and crashes the forest training party, the students are quick to muster a defense.

Izuku isn't sitting on the sidelines; he ran off to rescue the missing Kota, and a brutish villain named Muscular is standing in the way. All seems lost until Izuku delves deeper into his power than ever before and defeats Muscular with a 1,000,000% smash. A hero, indeed!

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3 Episode 61: "Deku Vs Kacchan, Part 2" (9.3)

It's hero vs hero! Bakugo is seething, and he brings Izuku outside to settle matters fist to fist. The two rivals give it their all, and Bakugo is horrified that Izuku is about to surpass him, and he blames his classmate for All Might's retirement. After a fierce exchange, Bakugo narrowly subdues Izuku, and then All Might himself arrives.

The retired hero explains the One For All situation to Bakugo, who promises to keep it secret, and the students are returned to their dorm (and punished with suspension). Still, All Might believes that fighting it out was the proper way for Izuku and Bakugo to process all this.

2 Episode 23: "Shoto Todoroki: Origin" (9.5)

The Sports Festival features a 16-man tournament, and only one student hero can win it all! Izuku won his first round, only to face Shoto Todoroki in the next. Izuku tests the limit of both his quirk and his body to fight back against the mighty Shoto, but he can tell that Shoto is conflicted.

During the episode, we witness scenes from Shoto's troubled home life, from his cruel father and the fiery quirk Shoto inherited. But eventually, Izuku's words reach him, and Shoto fights with both fire and ice! The result is explosive, and only a pro hero intervention prevents total disaster. When the smoke clears, Shoto has won, but it was thanks to Izuku's words.

1 Episode 49: "One For All" (9.7)

The top-rated episode thus far of My Hero Academia concludes with the great battle between All Might and All For One. Unfortunately, All Might's power is rapidly fading, and his time as the Symbol of Peace is seconds away from its permanent end. But there is a villain to defeat! All Might gets his own flashback as he recalls the previous One For All owner entrusting him with this incredible quirk.

Rejuvenated and inspired, All Might delivers his final and most powerful punch of all, the United States of Smash. All For One is defeated at last, and All Might is quick to hint that a new Symbol of Peace must arrive quickly to take his place. Izuku resolves that this next Symbol of Peace will be none other than him.

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