My Hero Academia: 10 Bakugo Memes That Are Almost As Explosive As He Is

When an anime is as huge of a hit as My Hero Academia, fans can expect plenty of memes to crop up across the internet. Anime fans, after all, are nothing if not passionate when it comes to their fandoms, and who doesn't love looking through hysterical memes on their downtime?

There are plenty of My Hero Academia memes that will make true fans laugh, but characters like Katsuki Bakugo probably wouldn't appreciate them.

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10 What Do You Mean You Can’t Kill Anyone?

“Die” is one of Bakugo’s favorite words, and My Hero Academia fans could certainly make a messy drinking game out of counting the number of times Bakugo threatens to take someone’s life. (As Present Mic puts it, he’s “all bark.”)

The funny thing is that, even professional heroes can't kill villains unless it's absolutely necessary—and given that heroes usually want to help people, this is a rule most of them can abide by pretty easily. But, watching the shows, fans have to question whether Bakugo realizes that pro heroes can't run around yelling "die" all the time. This meme captures the face and calculations he'll probably make when it hits him.

9 Dinkleberg!

Memes that combine different fandoms are always hilarious, and mixing My Hero Academia with The Fairly OddParents is the perfect means of describing Bakugo’s relationship with Midoriya. He tends to blame his childhood “friend” for everything, even when it’s not his fault—and that reminds us just a little bit of Timmy’s father from the Nickelodeon cartoon.

If you were a Fairly OddParents fan, you'll probably recall Timmy's father's tendency to angrily shout "Dinkleberg!" every time something went wrong. Meanwhile, his neighbor seemed genuinely friendly and polite despite how often we were told he was up to something. Sounds familiar, doesn't it?

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8 What Tragic Backstory?

At the heart of every complicated character seems to be a tragic backstory—well, except for Bakugo, that is. If there’s an excuse for his brand of rage and anxiety, we haven’t seen it yet. Viewers have gotten those sorts of backgrounds for many of the other characters, including Midoriya and Todoroki.

Bakugo's behavior just seems to be a part of his personality, and this meme makes light of that by recalling all the flashbacks we get of Bakugo's childhood. The biggest tragedy there seems to be that no one was quite as awesome as he was...

7 Is This Looking Down On Me?

No matter how many times Bakugo exclaims that Midoriya looks down on him, it's still difficult to believe that he genuinely feels this way. After all, the audience knows that Midoriya is too nice to look down on anyone—and that he looks up to Bakugo in a way that the other boy probably hasn't fully earned.

Yet, somehow, Bakugo still believes that Midoriya thinks he's better than him, and this meme emphasizes how ridiculous that fact is, especially given how nice the other boy constantly is, even in spite of Bakugo's bullying.

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6 Manga, Anime, Netflix Adaptation

Fans of the My Hero Academia manga already know that there's a slight difference in the way Bakugo is drawn versus the way he's animated. This meme shows that, but then it takes things a step further...

Imagining what a network like Netflix would come up with if My Hero Academia were ever to receive the live-action treatment is hilarious, especially given that Bakugo's personality would be so hard to capture. Gordon Ramsay yells about as much as Bakugo does, though, so we'll take it.

5 Bakugo's All Bark... Literally

Bakugo yells a lot, though he rarely ever follows through on the threats he makes. As Present Mic would put it, the kid's "all bark." And that fact, combined with his fluffy blonde hair, makes Bakugo easily comparable to one of those small, yappy Pomeranians.

Hilariously enough, Bakugo's personality comes from his mother. Both tend to shout a lot—and they both look like tiny, yappy dogs. Do you see the difference? We sure don't.

4 Hero Names vs. Screen Names

Coming up with a clever hero name isn't easy, and the students of Class 1-A are forced to go through a few trials before landing on the right ones. Both of Bakugo's suggestions are ridiculous, though, did he actually think King Explosion Murder or Lord Explosion Murder would be accepted?

This meme compares Bakugo's silly hero names to old AOL screen names, and it's pretty spot on. We've all had ridiculous email addresses over the years, though most of us have transitioned to just using our regular names in our emails, much like Todoroki and Iida decide to do with their own hero names. King Explosion Murder would have made a pretty cool screen name back in the day though...

3 He Honestly Just Attac


While Midoriya has a tendency to hang back and strategize during a battle, Bakugo fights purely on instinct, attacking first and asking questions later. And, when attacking doesn't work the first time, what does Bakugo do? Well, he attacks again, obviously.

This meme makes fun of Bakugo's tendency to fight first and think later by altering the typical "he protecc, he attacc" joke... and just flat out making it about how much "he attacc."

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2 Bakugo, Can I Ask You Something?

Todoroki accusing Midoriya of being All Might's secret love child has been the inspiration behind many a My Hero Academia meme, and that includes this one. During Bakugo's internship with Best Jeanist, the pro hero decides to give the boy a makeover—one intended to make him appear less like the feral beast we all know he actually is most of the time.

That makeover includes a hilarious change to the way Bakugo styles his hair, one that Kirishima and Sero are quick to call out. Funnily enough, Bakugo's new hairstyle looks a lot like Ellen's... Todoroki is definitely going to have some questions.

1 A Nerd Calling Other People Nerds

"You damn nerd" is one of Bakugo's favorite insults, and it's one he flings at Midoriya and their other classmates frequently throughout the series. Yet, fans have pointed out the irony in his jibe, given that Bakugo can easily be accused of being the biggest nerd of the group.

For one, while the rest of Class 1-A hangs out in the common room like normal teenagers, Bakugo goes to bed at 8:32 p.m., probably to keep up his grades and performance in training. He's also one of the best students in the class, achieving stellar grades while many of his classmates struggle. So, we have to ask: who's the real nerd here?

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