My Hero Academia: 5 DC Heroes All Might Can Crush ( & 5 He Couldn't)

It’s not easy being the Symbol of Peace. People are expecting you to save everyone, overcome even the most ridiculous odds against you, and always come out on top. But that’s what All Might managed to do, all the way until his powers finally failed him. He proved he was the absolute best, standing at the top of all the other Heroes.

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But how would he fare in another universe? Like say the DC Universe, where heroes who could punch through planets? This list takes a look at five DC heroes All Might could easily beat down, and five he would probably get steamrolled by. For the sake of argument, we’re assuming All Might is at his best, and not limited by what we see in the television series.


Admittedly, this could be a toss-up if All Might was aware of J’onn’s weakness. His fear of flame and inability to fight amongst them could quickly become a concern, as it’s easy enough to create an explosion on a crowded city street if a superpowered being were so inclined.

However, without that bit of foreknowledge, All Might is probably outclassed on most levels. To begin with, J’onn’s got long-range powers like laser vision and is capable of turning both invisible and intangible. More importantly, he can simply shut All Might’s mind down entirely.


Everyone loves Booster Gold, but when the fights go down, no one’s looking for him to save them. His special ability of the last decade has been being the greatest hero no one’s ever heard of, which involves him protecting the timeline from criminals who want to take heroes out while they’re at their weakest.

But in terms of pure battle ability, the dude’s got a force field and a suit, which gives him amplified strength. Neither of these things is going to be enough to touch All Might—his best bet is trying to convince him to give up before his shield gets cracked wide open.


If there’s any concern about this list, it’s that Billy Batson’s inexperience would result in an overall loss for Captain Marvel. But outside of that, is there a single thing All Might can do that Shazam’s champion can’t? Billy gets his powers from the gods, and he can actually be quite the magician when he wants to be.

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Sure, he’s got the worst record fighting against Superman, but All Might isn't Superman. His best hope is tricking Billy into transforming back, but more likely than not it’s going to result in him taking one of those magic bolts to the face.


Outside of flight, there really isn’t much Hawkman has on All Might. That additional maneuverability might let him get a few hits he otherwise wouldn’t, but All Might’s reaction time plus super strength will eventually make this a wrap.

Of course, his Nth Metal weaponry is always a threat, but in the end, a mace is a mace. All Might’s taken blows from beings with power on par with his own and still managed to come out on top, so Hawkman’s damage output simply isn’t going to be enough to take him out.


This is probably the toughest match-up for either of them. Where most of these fights would be one-sided losses or at least a solid, inarguable victory...All Might vs. Green Lantern is a bit more of a toss-up. All Might is definitely stronger and faster than any Green Lantern, but any of the more experienced ones have dealt with Superman before, so it’s not like they’re new to that.

And while All Might has dealt with a wide variety of foes, he’s never faced one with the pure versatility of a Green Lantern. If nothing else though, go with the guy who has an entire parallel universe they can lock someone in.


People often talk about how underestimated Plastic Man is. The guy’s effectively invulnerable, he’s capable of shape-shifting and regenerating from nearly anything. He could definitely be a major hero if he ever took himself seriously. But at the same time, it’s not as if All Might isn’t used to threats on this level.

Noumu was supposed to be made specifically to counter what All Might excelled at, and look how that turned out for him. It’s one of the most epic scenes from 2010s-era anime, and it resulted in a solid All Might victory.


It’s easy to underestimate Wonder Woman, but doing so happens solely at one’s own peril. Not only was Diana gifted with powers from the gods themselves, but depending on which version of her we’re talking about, she could be the daughter of Zeus himself. But let’s not even talk about that.

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Let’s talk about how her lasso can bind even the gods themselves. Let’s talk about how she was trained by the Amazons, which means she’s got experience from women who have been training for millennia in combat. She’s the most efficient, capable fighter All Might could face—not just from his universe but on this list.


Of course All Might can take out Aquaman. He’s Aquaman.” is something several people read as soon as they saw the King of the Sea’s image. But don’t sell Arthur Curry short. Having spent so much time underwater, his muscles are hardened and have adapted to that pressure.

That makes him stronger and more durable than most humans can dream of being. He’s also got the trident of Poseidon, which is capable of controlling storms and calling down lightning. But All Might once dispersed an entire storm through strength alone, so even if he’s better than most people thought, that won’t be good enough.


This was an obvious match up, but it unfortunately has a pretty obvious ending too. All Might’s basically a Superman analog, but he’s drastically toned down. When we meet All Might he’s weaker than he once was, but even at his max, he can’t stand up to the Man of Steel.

We’re talking about a guy who can rush back from other galaxies to Earth if something bad’s happened. Someone who’s moved entire planets when he had to. This wouldn’t be a fight; it’d be a massacre. Hopefully they’d just quickly realize they’re both after peace and keeping people safe and go out and do something wholesome together to make humanity realize there’s good in the world.


Depending on how tricked out Ollie comes to this fight, this fight could be far closer than people think. Ultimately in hand to hand, Ollie has zero shot against a dude who can run faster than 600 km per hour at his best and is virtually invulnerable.

Ollie’s gone up against Superman with nothing more than his bow and arrow and done decently, but that was against a weakened Superman, and he still lost. All Might would be at full strength, and there’s no Kryptonite weakness for Ollie to take advantage of.

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