My Hero Academia: 10 1-A Students & The Comic Superheroes They're Most Similar To

My Hero Academia features an abundance of compelling and entertaining characters, but the overall fan-favorites are the students of Class 1-A. The variety of Quirks present within the crew is part of what makes the anime so exciting to watch, but it goes without saying that several of their abilities bear striking resemblances to certain superpowers found in comic books.

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While some Quirks are too unique to be compared to any comic hero, a handful of others have uncanny counterparts within the DC and Marvel universes. Here are 10 students from Class 1-A and the comic book superheroes they're most similar to.

10 Denki Kaminari/Static Shock

It's a shame that comic book superheroes and anime characters never cross paths because this electric duo would presumably have a great time together. Kaminari can electrocute someone through physical contact or discharge his power in all directions, hitting anyone in its range. Static Shock has far more control over his abilities and can manipulate, generate, and absorb electromagnetic energy.

Kaminari's biggest weakness is his wattage limit — if he exceeds it, he'll burn himself out and be utterly brain-dead for about an hour. His attacks are also impractical for long-range offense, so Static would have to pick up some slack in that scenario.

9 Toru Hagakure/Invisible Woman

Toru Hagakure is basically a watered-down version of the Fantastic Four's Sue Storm (Invisible Woman). As a matter of fact, one of her nicknames is literally "Invisible Girl." The two share the gift of invisibility and can bend light...but that's about as far as the similarities go.

Hagakure's skill mostly serves for stealth purposes like bypassing enemies, spying on people, or executing strategies. Invisible Woman has a repertoire of abilities that includes psionic force fields, energy shields, and telepathic defense. Her invisibility powers can also extend to other people, whereas the anime character's Quirk only affects the user.

8 Hanta Sero/Spider-Man

Hanta Sero's Tape Quirk is the MHA equivalent of Spider-Man's webbing. While Spidey's webs typically originate from the shooters on his wrists, Hanta's tapes spring from the openings on his elbows. Other than that minor difference, the two substances are surprisingly similar.

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The double-sided Tape Quirk is powerful enough to support Hanta's own weight and immobilize enemies from a distance. It's also sturdy enough to hold massive structures together. Those stats are very much on par with the durability of Spider-Man's webs. However, Peter Parker has been known to occasionally create special webbing tailored for specific types of enemies.

7 Koji Koda/Chat

Despite his hulking appearance, Koji Koda is incredibly timid and gentle. His Quirk, Anivoice, grants him the power to communicate with animals via speech. He can also command them to do as he wishes, which lends itself to efficient sneak attacks. The biggest downside is that the animals need to be within Koji's vocal range to be affected.

Sophia Sanduval, also known as Chat, can understand animals and interact with them, but the stipulations regarding her talents are unknown. As one of Marvel's lesser-known mutants, all we can be sure of is that she has a kind heart and can talk to animals, which is enough to make her Koji's comic book counterpart.

6 Katsuki Bakugo/The Human Bomb

DC hero Roy Lincoln, aka The Human Bomb, has a power akin to that of Katsuki Bakugo's Explosion Quirk. Anything that his hands come in contact with will immediately explode. His fibro-wax suit keeps him from accidentally killing people or blowing up everything he touches.

Bakugo's Quirk isn't as unmanageable as Lincoln's — his palms excrete a nitroglycerin-like sweat that he can ignite at will. The more he sweats, the more powerful his blasts become, but the key to his skill is control. The anime character can actually regulate his explosions while the comic book hero requires a special outfit to keep them at bay.

5 Shoto Todoroki/Oya

Marvel's Idie Okonkwo (Oya) might as well be part of the Todoroki family because her power is fundamentally Half-Cold Half-Hot. Yet, the MHA student got the luck of the draw with his Quirk — Oya suffers from an inconvenient restriction that doesn't apply to him.

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Though they're irrefutably similar talents, Todoroki can generate ice and flames from the corresponding sides of his body. Oya alters the temperature around her, but can't actually produce the heat or the cold on her own. Her temperature manipulation functions by using ice to make fire and vice versa.

4 Mina Ashido/Anarchist

Mina Ashido and Marvel's Anarchist (Tike Alicar) can both generate acid, albeit in different ways. The corrosive liquid is created from Mina's skin, while Anarchist perspires the substance in the same vein that Bakugo sweats nitroglycerin. Aside from that, the two basically have the same power.

Mina's acid is strong enough to melt through metal, but Anarchist's acid is ultimately more intimidating. With the proper amount of the substance, he can form corrosive blasts that demolish everything in their path. He also emits a sticky adhesive that can be utilized like glue.

3 Eijiro Kirishima/Stone Boy

Eijiro Kirishima already has a Quirk twin in My Hero Academia — the hilariously-named Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu — but chances are he's not aware of his comic book doppelganger, Stone Boy. The DC hero can convert his body into a rock-like object that grants him superhuman strength and enhanced durability.

Kirishima's Quirk lets him harden any part of his body while also protecting him from most physical danger. There's a limit to how much damage the Hardening Quirk can endure, but the same flaw presumably applies to Stone Boy's skill. The two also benefit from proficiency in hand-to-hand combat.

2 Yuga Aoyama/Cyclops

At first glance, this comparison might seem bizarre, but Yuga Aoyama and Cyclops have more in common than you'd think. Sure, the former is a comedic relief that no one takes seriously, whereas the latter tends to bask in more intense storylines. Nevertheless, the anime character's navel laser closely resembles Scott Summers's optic blasts.

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Aoyama wears a special belt to keep his Quirk from leaking, which is coincidentally the same reason that Scott dons a protective visor — to prevent random discharges from his eyes. Due to the laser's positioning on Aoyama's body, prolonged use can lead to terrible stomach aches and disruptive bowel movements.

1 Ochaco Uraraka/Alex Power

As if to prove a point, Alex Power's alias just so happens to be the name of Ochaco's Quirk: Zero Gravity (though Power abbreviates the second word with a simple G). He can negate the force of gravity on himself and any given target with the aid of anti-gravitons.

However, prior to the growth and enhancement of his abilities, Alex had to physically touch objects or people to make them float. This is currently where Ochaco sits in regards to her Quirk. She can't do much without the required physical contact and the more objects she has under her command, the more of a hassle it becomes to keep them afloat.

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