'My five-year-old could write that!': Bow before the blade of <i>Axe Cop</i>

Twitter has given us some good things -- breaking news from Iran, Tom Brevoort -- and some bad things -- celebrity death hoaxes, #nowthatsghetto. Yesterday, it served as the social-media equivalent of Paul Revere, spreading word of a new webcomic called Axe Cop to every nerd and geek village and farm.

What's so special about Axe Cop, you ask? Well, it's an action-adventure series about a superheroic cop armed with an axe, joined by his partner, a half-man/half-avocado who used to be a half-man/half-dinosaur who used to be a cop who used a flute for a weapon. It's illustrated by Ethan Nicolle, the Eisner-nominated writer-artist of SLG's Chumble Spuzz.

And oh, yeah, it's written by Nicolle's five-year-old kid brother Malachai.

One look at its genuinely childlike imagination, action and sense of humor -- my favorite bit is when a guitar-wielding supervillain called Bad Santa is defeated when another character gains his powers and becomes Good Bad Santa -- seems to have been all it took for the twitterati to get hooked, no doubt recalling all their own afternoons spent making up stories and playing hero in backyards and basements. Indeed, the site has been fairly groaning under the collective interest of the Internet; it was completely down last night, and the strip's image loading has slowed to a crawl as of this writing.

The elder Nicolle has been blogging about the strip's literally overnight, Twitter-driven success, providing a unique in-the-moment document of a webcomic "making it." (I did my part by reviewing it on my other blog.) Hopefully he'll be able to shore up the infrastructure so that you too can thrill to the adventures of the coolest mustachioed hero since pre-goatee Tony Stark.

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