My Favorite Mid-90s Marvel Comic Screw-Up

Okay, during the mid-90s, Marvel was cranking out a whole lot of books, so there were a few issues that sort of fell through the cracks. Particularly when they tried out a line of 99 cent tie-in books to the Avengers and the Fantastic Four, titled Avengers Unplugged and Fantastic Four Unplugged, respectively.

In Avengers Unplugged #2, there is probably one of my favorite screw-ups of all time.


In this issue, the Avengers fight Graviton.

Now, the screw-up is not the ugly costume penciler MC Wyman and inker Sandu Florea came up with for Graviton (Florea ended up having to pencil some of the issue - always a good sign when you need emergency penciling in the comic).

The screw-up is not this amazingly ugly Hercules drawing...

The screw-up is not that the Avengers have this brand-new (ugly) costume for Graviton already on their files for Graviton...

The screw-up is not writer Glenn Herdling's odd dialogue...

The screw-up is not this bizarre page where Deathcry (the least sensational character find of 1993!) APPARENTLY suddenly is screaming for help while she is trying to rescue people stranded on floating debris by Graviton's antics...

The screw-up is not the next page, where we don't see the "Heelp!" bit even addressed.

The screw-up is not even the fact that BOTH Herdling AND Florea's names were spelled incorrectly, although, to be fair, that's pretty damn bad.

No, my favorite screw-up occurs later in the issue, when Deathcry is finishing loading people on to the Avengers' Quinjet.

It goes from a little boy asking for his pet cat to a little girl and her teddy bear - on the SAME PAGE, in ADJOINING PANELS!!!

How awesome is that?

It's been almost fifteen years, and I still love that page so very much.

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