My Best Friend From High School

Made it into the webcomic As seen in VT.

Sooo I'm pretty much required to post it here.

Doug's the guy with the glasses. (Not Batgirl, Catwoman, or Prisoner # 45678.)

Also: More snotty-ass reviews of Entertainment Weekly's favorite albums from me and Jonathan Bogart here, (We had a troll for a while, even. Which was annoying, and also strangely validating. It's like we were causing the internet to work like it's supposed to.)

And I'll try to get an actual POST post up in the next day or two, with actual content. Been thinkin' about Image comics lately.

(P.S. Man, I had to edit this thing like six times after I hit "Save to Site." Say no to 3:30 AM blogging, kids.

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