MV Creations & Crossgen bring 'Dragon's Lair' to comics in August

Official Press Release

[Dragon's Lair]Celebrating the 20th anniversary of master animator Don Bluth's Dragon'sLair, the heroes and villains of the history-making arcade game make theircomic book debut this summer! The six-issue DRAGON'S LAIR miniseries,joining SPACE ACE as the second title based on Bluth's cult hit video games,follows the exploits of Dirk the Daring, his beloved Princess Daphne and thediabolical dragon Singe! In the debut issue, Singe, swearing revenge on hishated arch-nemesis, swoops up the Princess in his cruel claws! Now the braveknight must survive the dangers of the Dark Kingdom to save his true love!Brought to you by CrossGen publishing client MVCreations, the six-issueall-ages adventure thunders your way on August 6th.

"We're absolutely thrilled to bring this best-selling video game to comics!And working with Don Bluth is a dream come true!" said MVCreations presidentVal Staples. "The game made a huge impression on me as a kid, as thebeautifully drawn game graphics really pushed the envelope of what was beingdone in the early '80s. And in my humble opinion, Dragon's Lair set abenchmark for other video games to follow."

"I can't think of any Gen-Xer out there who hasn't played or enjoyedwatching the game as a kid," stated MVCreations marketing director JonboyMeyers. "We wanted to stay true to the look and feel that Don establishedand repackage it for a whole new generation of fans! Don has such a timelessstyle and look to his work that is so identifiable; it exudes mass appeal topeople of all ages. We're really proud to be working on a comic book that wecan sit down and read with our kids."

"We've lined up some really talented people for the series," said Staples."Penning the book will be Star Wars and Star Trek novelist Andy Mangels,with art by the talented Fabio Laguna. Newcomer Tony Washington will supplythe colors for the series. Creatively, the comic book stays faithful to thestory established in the original game, but puts a modern twist on things.So expect a lot of high action and comedy to drive the story!"

"I can't tell you how many hours I spent standing slack-jawed in theWildwood boardwalk arcade, watching lines of gamers play Dragon's Lair,"added CrossGen director of marketing & communications Bill Rosemann. "When Isaw the art from MVCreations, I had the exact same reaction...the gamelooked like a lushly animated cartoon, and so does the comic book! Theynailed that trademark Bluth look!"

Retailers and readers can order DRAGON'S LAIR #1 in the next edition ofDiamond Comics Distributor's Previews catalog. Lead on, adventurer . . .your quest awaits!

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