10 Mutants Nobody Thought Could Be Omega-Level (But Officially Are)

Sometimes, you'll learn about a mutant's powers and think "yeah, that sounds OP in my book." Nine times out of ten, you're likely reading or hearing about an Omega-Level mutant. Folks like Magneto and Jean Grey fit that bill, but there are other mutants that Marvel considers as official Omega-Level characters - much to everyone else's surprise!

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This article is dedicated to the underdogs of Marvel's mutant world - which is saying a lot, considering that mutants already get discredited and disrespected by the world at large. Some characters on this list have only recently gained official Omega-Level mutant status. While others once held the prestigious title before losing it to unforeseen circumstances. Either way, none of the following characters should be taken lightly!

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10 Powerhouse

We all expected the son of Reed Richards and Susan Storm to be powerful, but we never imagine he'd be an official Omega-Level mutant! Personally, we just thought Franklin would be able to stretch and turn invisible at the same time or something cute like that. Here's the thing; Franklin could still perform those feats because he's essentially capable of doing anything!

Though Franklin Richards is usually depicted as a young child, he's still capable of creating pocket dimensions and manipulating molecules with a thought. When Franklin fully matures into his abilities, he'll truly live up to the nickname Powerhouse. Until then, Frank's biggest limitation will continue to be his still-developing mind.

9 Cable

Cable Carlos Pacheco

Josh Brolin did an excellent job portraying Cable as a deadly and skilled mutant that you wouldn't want to cross. However, the version of Nathan Summers that we saw in Deadpool 2 is only a shadow of his comic book counterpart. In the comics, Cable's an official Omega-Level mutant with vast psionic powers!

Occasionally, the writers like to take away and add abilities to Cable's powerset - for the sake of variety, we suppose. But in his base form, Cable can move mountains with his mind and telepathically control people! He's also got tons of guns and that awesome techno-organic arm - helping him win mutant fashion contests with ease!

8 Elixir

Elixir X-Men

Elixir's one of the newer mutants on this list, as well as (spoiler warning) the only official Omega-Level Healer present. For the longest time, Joshua Foley's powers only revolved around mending wounds and reversing life-threatening injuries (we say only like that's not an insanely valuable powerset!) Then one day, Elixir achieved a secondary mutation that took his powers over the edge!

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Joshua's now able to transform into an obsidian-skinned state and instantly kill most foes. A mutant must possess complete control over some aspect of the universe to qualify for official Omega-Level status. In essence, Elixir holds sway over life and death!

7 Proteus

Proteus feature

Proteus is another mutant that most folks probably don't know about. Which is a shame, because he's one of the more interesting villains the X-Men have encountered. Born as Kevin MacTaggert, Proteus became a scourge unto mutant society when he began using his powers to possess others - hopping from body to body like a psionic hitchhiker!

Proteus lacks a physical body, so he has to take over someone else's body to become a full-fledged threat. What makes Kevin a candidate for official Omega-Level mutant status is his ability to warp reality around himself! Kevin's a hard man to put down indeed - requiring the efforts of powerful telepaths to even slow him down.

6 Monarch

Speaking of interesting villains, we'd like to call James Braddock Jr. to the fore. Monarch takes the concept of sibling rivalry to the extreme - harboring a grudge against Captain Britain and Psylocke, his brother and sister respectively. Both Brian and Betsy Braddock are powerful heroes in their own right - a trait they inherited from their father.

Unfortunately, Jamie didn't miss out on whatever gene makes the Braddock family so strong. Conversely, he seems to have taken the lion's share! Under the alias Monarch, Jamie's capable of manipulating the quantum realm and using powerful magical spells. Monarch's abilities don't seem to have clearly defined limits, leading us to wonder how strong this psycho will become?

5 Psylocke

In stark contrast to Monarch, Psylocke gets along great with Captain Britain. In fact, Betsy and Brian Braddock have fought side-by-side as siblings numerous times! On her own, Psylocke is one of the most lethal members of the X-Men. Over the years, her strength's grown exponentially - causing Jean Grey and Charles Xavier to classify her as an official Omega-Level mutant.

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Psylocke's powers are also very distinct; she typically uses her psychic might to create an arsenal of telekinetic weapons. Typically, Betsy will carve up enemies with a telekinetic katana or a psionic dagger that she's created with her mind! Recently, Betsy's began favoring a psychic sword and shield combo - calling back to the British knights of old.

4 Exodus

exodus x-men legacy

Exodus' costume might look gaudy, but he more than makes up for his appearance with staggering psychic power. Not only is Exodus an official Omega-Level mutant, but he's also considered a "Psionic of the Highest Order!" In laymen's terms, Exodus can seriously mess you up with his mind - Magneto and Professor X will anxiously attest to that claim.

The X-Men thankfully have an army of powerful fighters among their ranks, so Exodus shouldn't ever be able to decimate mutantkind. However, Exodus is a foe that requires teamwork and coordination. If he were to ever strike during another 'Phoenix Five' incident, in which the X-Men's ranks are stratified, we don't think our heroes would last too long.

3 Emma Frost

Emma Frost is all for working to save mutantkind, but she's Hellbent on doing things her way. There have been times in which the White Queen fought bitterly against the X-Men and other instances in which she's lead them to salvation. A genuine wild card and the quintessence of a 'Neutral Good' character, Frost's powers should never be taken lightly.

We're not just talking about her ability to take on a diamond form - though that's definitely an impressive attribute. No, we're talking about Emma's telepathic powers - which work on a global scale. For context, Frost's telepathic powers are equal to (if not greater than) Exodus' OP abilities!

2 Iceman

It's funny in hindsight; Bobby Drake started his career as an X-Men looking like a botched snowman and throwing snowballs at people. Nowadays, he's an official Omega-Level mutant with insane control over ice and water! Some of Bobby's signature uses of his powers are his 'ice sled' and organic ice form.

Most of the time, Bobby's powers are relatively tame. However, thanks to the intervention of powerful beings like Loki and Emma Frost, Bobby's became insanely OP. At his full potential, Iceman can create gigantic, semi-sentient ice golems and lower the entire globe's temperature! Iceman can also transfer his consciousness through water, become virtually unkillable!

1 Storm

For years, many X-Men fans hoped that Ororo Munroe would earn the prestigious title of official Omega-level mutant. Ever since Storm first graced Marvel comics in Giant-Size X-Men #1, she's garnered an ever-growing fanbase thanks to her poise, bravery, and awesome elemental powers! No one exactly knew how Storm's powers worked, as writers would redefine her abilities from one story to the next.However, Ororo's powers have finally been demystified; Storm can not only control the weather but create specific patterns and conditions that'd be otherwise impossible! Case in point, she flies by manipulating wind currents around her. She also possesses a special "Earth link" that connects her to our biosphere. Storm isn't just an Omega-Level mutant, she's essentially a Goddess!

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