Mutant X, Punisher, Catwoman, Spider-Man, more: Comic Reel Wrap for October 16th


The hits keep on coming from Comics Continuum. Seems the film makers are gearing up for potential attacks on the movie's violent nature. Producer Gail Anne Hurd (who also helmed the "Hulk" movie) said, "Obviously, we aren't in a position to rate the film. But in terms of the intensity and in terms of the action and all of that, the intent was certainly not to make the G, PG or PG-13 version. That's certainly quite a distinction from the Hulk and Spider-Man and the characters by rights that belong into a PG or PG-13 world. The Punisher doesn't." Marvel's Ari Arad added, "I think he was someone most people discovered later. We never wanted to try it as PG-13. It's going to be The Punisher. It's going to be intense. We never wanted to water it down for a younger audience." Countingdown.com also has a press release from Artisan about the movie wrapping initial production.


Comics Continuum also has photos and a spoiler plot synopsis of the latest episode of "Mutant X," called "The Breed."


Superherohype.com had new photos from the set of the Halle Berry film, but Warner Bros. endless legions of legal assassins forced them off the web. Filmforce hung on to one, and has yet to draw Warner's ire, and CHUD.com also hung on to some smaller versions. CBS however released a photo of Berry on David Letterman, which Comics Continuum also has available (aren't they helpful?).


Ain't It Cool News checks in with word that Marvel's Avi Arad (father of the aforementioned Ari) was in Tokyo showing off the trailer for "Spider-Man 2" to a group of Japanese businessmen. CG and edits were incomplete, as the trailer was allegedly "FRESH from Sam Raimi," and it seems like the trailer shows Doctor Octopus hurling a taxicab through a restaurant window, narrowly missing Peter Parker (Tobey Maguire) and Mary Jane (Kirsten Dunst), as well as more auto-tossing fun with a swing-happy Spidey in Manhattan.


Fan favorite Allison Mack (who plays perky high school reporter Chloe Sullivan) will be appearing at MegaCon in Orlando, Florida. There's no word on whether or not meteor rocks will be appearing as well. According to Kryptonsite.com, yesterday (10/16) was two years to the day from the premiere of the series, and last night's episode "Extinction" was fourth in the ratings, beating out "Ed," Enterprise" and "60 Minutes II."


Fan site superman-v.com reports that British actor Henry Cavill is being considered for a set of blue and red tights (Filmforce agrees), with soap opera star Matthew Bomer being the other lead contender and Brendan Fraser, Josh Lucas and Scott Speedman as dark horse candidates. Cavill is allegedly the favorite of potential director McG (who we discussed on October 12), and rumor has it that if one is confirmed, the other will shortly follow.


The JMS-helmed science fiction series will pile it on for fans, with the addition of Sean Astin ("Lord of the Rings") as a series regular and the return of The Big Death, a shadow that's hung over the series since its inception. "Letters From The Other Side" Part 2, premieres Friday, October 17th at 10 PM and Sunday at 10:30PM, on Showtime.

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