Mutant X, Man-Thing, Teen Titans, Spider-Man 2, Hellboy: Comic Reel Wrap for October 22, 2003


Comics Continuum notes that a new episode called "Where Evil Dwells" (written by Bob Carney and directed by Andrew Potter) will hit syndication this week. For spoilers and photos, click here.


The Marvel horror treatment has just completed filming in Australia, according to The Mercury, which took some time out with Aussie starlet Imogen Bailey.


Comics Continuum also notes that an official time slot has been announced for the hit animated series, now coming to the WB. A full three hours before it's Marvelous competition "X-Men: Evolution," "Teen Titans" will be seen at 8:30 AM EST starting Saturday, November 1, 2003.


The upcoming web-spinning sequel may be the priciest movie yet -- Superherohype reports that the budget of $210 million. The most expensive movie to date was "Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines" at 200 million.


Yesterday's article about this international property generated a slew of email (thanks to Madsen Velasco Cristian Ernesto, Michael M. Aguiar and Pedro Bouca for translations, as well as Universo HQ's Sérgio Codespoti for supplementary data). Pedro notes that the company working on Tanguy and Laverdure have a number of other comic book properties in development including Blueberry, Blake and Mortimer, Iznogoud and Michel Vaillant (which has a trailer online), and recommended this French movie site, which is now in our bookmarks. Filming on Tanguy and Laverdure will begin in May 2004 with a budget of slightly more than $20 million US and collaboration from the French Air Force. Everyone reminded me that there were two French TV series based on the characters and two volumes of the comic book. The truly international effort to bring you this story really makes this job a pleasure!


Superherohype also notes that Bram Stoker Award winning novelist Yvonne Navarro has been asked to do the novelization of the "Hellboy" movie. The book will be available from Simon and Schuster in mass market paperback and will be a must collectible for Hellboy fans as well as fans of Yvonne Navarro, who now has five novels scheduled to be published in 2004.


If you missed Daffy Duck and Hal Jordan's historic meeting you can still catch it this Friday on Cartoon Network at 7:30 PM ET/PT.


If you don't know "The Cardinal", it's a long running (13 years) Christian comic book created by K.J. Kolka. It's also in production as a live action feature film made by Ohio based independent film maker John Martin. "The Cardinal" is scheduled to be released on video in conjunction with the next comic book in summer 2004.


Invading a Wal-Mart near you -- on October 25th, the retail chain is sponsoring "Ninja Turtle Training" where people can come and enjoy role playing toys made by Playmates Toys, including weapons of all the Turtles (we hope there'll be adequate security to squelch any blood feuds or vendettas), "learn cool Ninja moves" (sic) and get an official poster. Unfortunately, alcohol will not be served, and many parents might bring their own.


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