Mutant X, Batman, Punisher, Constantine: Comic Reel Wrap for November 3rd


The Los Angeles Times reports that Tribune Entertainment (the makers of "Mutant X") have filed a lawsuit against Marvel Entertainment. Seems that Tribune is miffed that it's been fighting Fox for, oh two years over a rights dispute. Seems Fox has dibs on an X-Men live action franchise, and Tribune had to bend over backwards to avoid infringement. The problem lies in Marvel selling Tribune the rights to "Mutant X," representing it as a clear and legally cool property to run with. Tribune claims that they have lost millions on the series, and Marvel issued a statement basically saying, "Tribune's claims are without merit and that Marvel looks forward to vigorously defending the action."


If there was any question about the title of the new Batman movie, let the debates end. Superherohype has confirmed with Pinewood/Shepperton studios that "Intimidation Game" will be the title. Dynamic Forces notes that wrestler Edge is up for the role of Egghead in the Christopher Nolan-directed movie.


[Punisher]The Tampa Bay Herald reports that props from the Thomas Jane-fueled action flick were auctioned off on Saturday, November 1st. Likewise, Superherohype also caught an episode of "Access Hollywood" where previews of this week's episodes were shown. This Monday's episode promises a new Punisher trailer, so check your local listings. MTV's magazine has a new photo of Thomas Jane, which we're happy to show you, and Superherohype finishes off with a report on their extended set visit.


This week's "Entertainment Weekly" has Keanu Reeves talking about his new movie "Constantine" (in between talking about some small, indie film nobody ever heard of, "Matrix Something" ...). The magazine said, "Reeves generally prefers his heroics gray, not black-and-white, which is why he's so fond of John Constantine, his next major screen incarnation. In 'Constantine,' he plays a bloke who's on barely speaking terms with both heaven and hell. 'And he hates them both,' Reeves reports with great satisfaction. 'I think that was actually always the attractive thing about Batman -- he had some kind of inner demon.' He contemplates this for a second, then grins wistfully. 'But I didn't get to play that guy. Now I'm too old.'"


LatinoReview talked to Brendan Fraser about the new "Looney Tunes" movie, and the conversation drifted to another WB property, The Man of Steel. When plainly asked if he was going to be Superman, he responded, "I will refer you to the [makes an invisible square in front of him] thing known as the internet, the purveyor of all accurate and true." Then he struck a pose, trying to look like Kal-El. "But it's a possibility, stay tuned."


Comics Continuum has news on the December 6th and 13th episodes of "Justice League," as well as four images from the latter, holiday-themed episode.


The Continuum also reports that Inkworks will release Hellboy movie trading cards on March 17th, a set that will be between 81 and 90 cards. Five promo cards made their debut at last summer's Comic-Con in San Diego. Inkworks also has licenses for Smallville, Alias (Jennifer Garner, not Jessica Jones), Scooby Doo, Justice League, Buffy and Angel. Preview images are also available, as is this new poster for the movie.


Speaking of Angel, that same page Comics Continuum has images and a somewhat spoilerish decription of this week's episode, "The Cautionary Tale of Numero Cinco."


Do they ever stop? Comics Continuum also has the weekday episode schedule for the entire month of December.


The same page notes that New Line has listed August 13th as the release date for the third Wesley Snipes vampire flick, and has a studio description of the film: "Wesley Snipes returns as the day-walking vampire hunter in the explosive third and final film in the Blade franchise, Blade: Trinity. When the Vampire Nation hatches a plan to frame Blade in a series of brutal killings, he must join forces with the Nightstalkers, a clan of human vampire hunters, in an extreme battle in which the trail of blood leads directly to the notorious vampire legend, Dracula. Written and directed by David S. Goyer, Blade: Trinity also stars Jessica Biel as Abigail, the daughter of Whistler (Kris Kristofferson), who inherits the vampire-slaying duties that once belonged to Blade (Wesley Snipes); and Ryan Reynolds (National Lampoon's Van Wilder) as Hannibal King, one of the Nightstalkers." David Goyer returns to direct.


The official site is online, and it's chock full of downloads, images and pies. Okay, maybe not pies. Also, Ain't It Cool News also has a less-than-favorable review of the script.


You read correctly -- Dark Horizons reports that Angelina Jolie talked to UK's Channel 4 about more action for Lara Croft, saying, "'d never say never because I love that character. It wasn't a bad movie, it just didn't come out at the right time. I think it's a much better film, so I don't think you can put too much weight on how something opens. At the end of the day I don't take it so seriously."


Moviehole reports that Fox is looking forward to looking back, and shooting "LXG2," with numerous actors looking to get in on the action, including Aussie actress Peta Wilson looking forward to returning as Mina Harker.


Filmjerk has a script review of the latest draft of the FF film, still looking for a December 2004 release. The review is heavy with spoilers and details of the plot, and has a generally positive opinion of the work, loves Ben Grimm but finds Victor Von Doom "creepy" and worries that some of the good Doctor's work will be left on the cutting room floor.


Kirsten Dunst answered the questions of Wizard Magazine, who had some things to say about her character, Mary Jane and the events of the next movie. "She's more grown up in this one, living on her own, making something of herself and get frustrated with Peter a lot cause he's always letting her down. Giving up all hope that they have a relationship. I do a stunt scene where Doc Ock wraps his mechanical arms around my waste and holds me up in the air. John Jameson is a real sweety, he's not like a jerk when MJ dated Flash, but he doesn't have that charm and love to him that MJ loves so much about Peter." Plus, DVD Answers has artwork for "Spider-Man: The Animated Chronicles Season One."


FilmForce caught up with Halle Berry at a press event for "Gothika" where she talked about her transformation to a feline fatale. "Balls to the wall and they're like, 'You just had a broken arm.' I said, 'So what? Let's go!' I love that!" The article also features some more plot spoilers about the movie itself.


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