Musical Reviews 12/5

The gist of this feature is that I pick songs from a notable Broadway Musical and then compare songs from them to comics that were released this past week, including YouTube clips of the songs in question.

This week it is Robert Lopez and Jeff Marx's Avenue Q. Enjoy!

Beware of spoilers!!

"It Sucks to Be Me"

This number, which depicts the various characters of Avenue Q bemoaning their lot in life reminds me of this week's X-Men chapter of Messiah Complex, where things have quickly gone pear-shaped for quite a number of the X-Men cast, after some tough battles with the bad guys.

"If You Were Gay"

This one reminds me of Countdown to Final Crisis, which has been mining the whole "gay joke" angle of the Trickster/Pied Piper duo for a long time now. "Ha ha! He's gay and he's straight! But wait - look! He's slowly warming up to his gay comrade! See! Straight people and gay people CAN be friends!!"


So weird.

It is also weird that Deadshot is such a homophobe.

I dunno why him being a homicidal sociopath is somehow not a big deal to me, but it irks me that they show him as homophobic/gay-bashing, but it does.


This song, which is about the character Princeton looking for his purpose in life, fits in well with the latest installment in the Cal McDonald series by Steve Niles, Criminal Macabre: My Demon Baby, where McDonald is not really LOOKING for his purpose in life (after his life was basically ruined in the previous series), but he still ends up finding it within this series.

A quick note on My Demon Baby - I get it, we have sort of taken the Ghoul for granted, and while I get that, as a ghoul, what happens to him in the latest issue might not mean he's actually dead dead, I think that if he IS offed, especially so soon after another major cast member has been killed, then it is really the law of diminishing returns, so I hope he is not dead dead.


"The Internet Is For Porn"

(Sadly, the best video I could get is the World of Warcraft one...weird).

Please note that Tarot: Witch of the Black Rose #47 came out last week.

'Nuff said, indeed.

"Mix Tape"

(This is an odd video that is the song set to a video of, well, tapes)

This song, which is about Kate Monster debating whether Princeton likes her likes her or just likes her as a friend reminded me, in a twisted way, of course, of the latest issue of Countdown Presents: Lord Havok and the Extremists, where Frank Tieri takes a scenario just like that, only what happens when a guy thinks his significant other is cheating on him, but it's actually with one of his split personalities - and when one of his split personalities is a sociopath - well, this mix tape ends on a sour note.


"My Girlfriend Who Lives In Canada"

(This video was kinda cute)

In one of the odder transitions of the week, this song of Rod's mythical girlfriend from Canada (to prove that he is not, in fact, gay) reminds me of the fun new Image series, Proof, which is based upon the notion that mythical creatures (such as a girlfriend who lives in Canada) DO exist, and that there is a group that finds them and takes care of the ones who need to be protected, and deals with the ones that are dangerous (the main story is about a chupacabra who kills people and then wears their skin).

"There's a Fine, Fine Line"

This song, sung by Kate Monster, is based on the basic idea that there is a fine, fine line between love and wasting your time on someone you're not going to end up with. You know what else is a fine, fine line?

The line between doing an action comic that is also a satire of action comics, and yet, for the most part, Brian Azzarello has been walking that fine, fine line with Deathblow, a comic that takes action comics to their absurdest levels, while still telling an action story.

I think some issues have fell a bit too much on one end or the other, but this latest issue walked the line perfectly - like the dialogue for the robo-dinosaur-type bad guy, who says ridiculous things - plus the group of agents who have undergone species reassignment, and are now disguised as actual dogs - all this while telling an actual story?

That's a fine, fine line to walk.


(Seriously, Kingdom Hearts 2 is the best I can find? Weird)

For this song, which is about the joy of seeing bad things happen to people other than yourself, I could have gone with a book I disliked, and said that I enjoyed seeing how bad the book is, but that is too mean.

Instead, I'll pick Moon Knight Annual #1, which was a tale of abused women meeting at a group for abused women, and more than a few of them delighted in the fact that their abuser met a grisly fate at the hand of Moon Knight.

It was not exactly the deepest comic you can read, but it was an interesting angle to look at a superhero story from.

"I Wish I Could Go Back to College"

(A cover song of this? Weird)

This song of nostalgia for a simpler time reminds me a lot of the whole One More Day storyline, which seems to be built around that idea - "I wish we could go back to when Peter Parker was in college."

"For Now"

This bittersweet finale of the musical, where it is explained to Princeton that you have to live with sometimes bad situations "for now," in the hope that in the future, things will be better.

This reminds me of the conclusion to the Sub-Mariner mini-series, which concludes with Namor striking up quite a compromising pact - with Doctor Doom of all people!!

It is definitely a "for now" move, but I have to imagine this move may bite Namor in the ass in the future, but it was certainly an interesting plot development (and not all together illogical of a decision, either).

That's it! See ya'll next time! Which musical should I do next?

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