Murphy Anderson covers special Midtown Comics edition of "Captain Action" #1

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"Captain Action" #1

Midtown Comics, in conjunction with Captain Action Enterprises, LLC, and Moonstone Books has announced “Living Legend” Murphy Anderson is “back in action” and providing an exclusive cover to the new Captain Action #1, published by Moonstone on October 29th. ‘€¨Captain Action was one of the most popular toys of the mid 1960s, and often considered the original action figure. “Anderson was the original packaging artist”, said Ed Catto of Captain Action Enterprises. “Murphy explained that in ’68, due to scheduling issues, his good friend, and comics legend, Gil Kane was invited to work on the original comic series for DC Comics. Murphy always felt bad that he didn’t get a crack at it. But now’s our time to right this wrong!”.

The new Captain Action #1 features three regular covers: a modern cover by interior artist Mark Sparacio, a retro cover by Captain Action sculptor Ruben Procopio and an homage cover by Marat Mychaels. All three of these covers will be available nationwide.

A special fourth exclusive cover has been created for Midtown Comics. “We wanted to do something really special for this book“, said Midtown CMO Gerry Gladston, “and by recruiting Murphy Anderson, the original Captain Action artist, we feel like we’ve hit a home run!” This work is the only place you will see original Murphy Anderson comic book art appearing in the near future. "It's the only thing I'm doing at the moment," Anderson said. "Since I retired, I get calls from DC Comics occasionally to do some work for them, but the Captain Action cover is it right now." This edition is limited to 400 copies, and is available at Midtown’s NYC locations and online at www.MidtownComics.com.

Midtown Comics opened its first store in 1997, and is now the industry’s leading retailer of comic books, graphic novels and Manga, with its online store as well as two huge landmark NYC locations in Times Square and Grand Central.

For all the latest on Captain Action, visit www.CaptainActionNow.com.Information on Captain Action comics can also be found at www.MoonstoneBooks.com

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