Murderers' Row of talent teaming for Vertigo project [Updated]

Pamela Mullin over at Vertigo's Graphic Content blog posted a teaser today for an upcoming project with a very impressive line-up of talent involved with it. That line-up includes Jim Lee, Rebekah Isaacs, Fabio Moon, Ryan Kelly, John Paul Leon, Lee Bermejo, Philip Bond, Eduardo Risso and Dave Gibbons.

So what is this mysterious project? Well, Pamela's staying quiet on the details, but my own investigations* have turned up the fact that it's related to Brian Wood's DMZ. No doubt Pamela will have more details soon.

*My own investigations include looking at the names of the image files she posted, both of which mention DMZ. I am so S-M-R-T ...

Update: Vertigo has indeed confirmed that DMZ will feature this cast of stellar talent. The issue will include five stories and five "character studies."

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