Daniel Warren Johnson's Murder Falcon Announced By Skybound

murder falcon

The world is under attack, and the only thing that stands between it and under destruction is Murder Falcon, and Jake's guitar, in the upcoming comics series from Daniel Warren Johnson.

Announced today by Skybound Entertainment and Image Comics, Murder Falcon finds Earth in peril, and Jake's life falling apart. He has no band, no girl and no future. But then he meets Murder Falcon, who' set from The Heavy to destroy all evil. However, he can't accomplish his goal without some help from Jake and his guitar. With every chord Jake plays, the power of metal fuels Murder Falcon's kung-fu fury against anyone who seeks to conquer the planet.

The new is accompanied by a trailer and a preview for Murder Falcon #1.

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A Chicago-based writer and illustrator, Johnson's credits include the webcomic Space-Mullet, Dark Horse's Alabaster: The Good, the Bad and the Bird, Image Comics' The Ghost Fleet: The Whole Goddamned Thing, and Extremity, which is nominated for an Eisner Award this year for Best Limited Series.

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For Murder Falcon, Johnson reunites with his Extremity collaborators, colorist Mike Spicer and Rus Wooten.

Murder Falcon #1 goes on sale Oct. 1 from Skybound Entertainment and Image Comics.

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