Muradov makes GN debut with '(In a Sense) Lost and Found'

After a series of short stories in anthologies like MySpace Dark Horse Presents, Chameleon and The Anthology Project Vol. 2cartoonist Roman Muradov is making his debut as a long-form storyteller next month with (In a Sense) Lost and Found.

In the graphic novel, from boutique publisher Nobrow, Muradov uses his flowing illustrative style to follow a young woman on a quest to find something she lost and tries to decide whether she even wants it to begin with. Saying more about the plot would spoil the book, but it's only part of the appeal of the cartoonist's work here.

The hook for me in (In a Sense) Lost and Found is the same thing that may drive some people away: its demand for nuanced reading. This is a story that calls for multiple readings, or if you're the patient type, deliberate and thoughtful attention on the first go-around. The book deliberates on the idea of innocence, but grapples with it far more than a standard romantic comedy or a stereotypical young-adult novel.

(In a Sense) Lost and Found goes on sale Sept. 9 in bookstores. That same weekend Muradvo will be on hand at the Small Press Expo in Bethesda, Maryland, to promote the graphic novel and his latest minicomic, Picnic Ruined. Here's the cover and sample pages from (In A Sense) Lost and Found:

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