Muppet Snow White #2

I feel a little bad for the creators on "Muppet Snow White," because I feel like they're already at a slight disadvantage. Roger Langridge's "Muppet Show" comics are so hysterically funny that it would be almost impossible to not compare anything else Muppet related to his stories. So going into "Muppet Snow White," I already had a feeling that this just wouldn't be as great. I wasn't expecting to be outright disappointed, though.

There are good ideas all throughout "Muppet Snow White." The seven dwarfs getting recast as members of the Electric Mayhem is a fun idea, and Uncle Deadly and Crazy Harry as assassins for the Evil Queen? Sheer brilliance. (Let's face it, they're the two creepy Muppets by a mile.) I wasn't so thrilled, though, with the execution of the story itself. Writers Jesse Blaze Snider and Patrick Storck have an overly wordy script, one that actually becomes overwhelming at times. Some of the individual mappings of the dwarfs to the Muppets also seem slightly off; I can understand that getting a perfect match would be hard, but the actual execution of a few of them (Bashful, Sneezy, Dopey) seem to not even try that hard.

Shelli Paroline's art is all right, but at times it seems to fall more into the super-deformed Muppet category than actually drawing the Muppets. It also is a little cluttered in places, which when you add a huge number of word balloons ends up with a messy, slightly hard to follow page. With a slightly cleaner series of panels, I think the overall reading experience might have been more enjoyable.

There are cute moments throughout "Muppet Snow White" (the comment about the mahna mahna characters only knowing one song is priceless), but at the end of the day I'm still slightly mystified on why all the various Muppets-in-fairy-tales (and other classic stories) mini-series exist. This just doesn't have the same charm as either the Muppet programs that did similar things ("Muppet Treasure Island," "Muppet Christmas Carol") or the "Muppet Show" comic itself, and I'm afraid that too many ancillary Muppet comics might dilute the brand a bit. It's a nice enough idea, but at the end of the day I think I'll stick to the main title from now on.

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