Muppet Peter Pan #1

This is a straight-up fun read. This is the kind of comic book to hold high, rolled tightly in your fist as you shout, "That was fun!" Of course then everyone around you is looking at you in kind of a strange way, so until you explain to them that you were talking about the Muppets comic, well, they'll just continue the strange looks. Heck, even after you share this comic with your friends -- or whoever happens to be around you when you're shouting in glee -- they might still stare at you. That won't matter though, since Grace Randolph gives us a story that is so very much in touch with the spirit of the Muppets.

Covering a wide assortment of Muppets, this story certainly has one of your favorite Muppet characters playing a role. The Muppets present are Kermit as Peter Pan (naturally), Miss Piggy as Piggytink, Janice as Wendy, Bean Bunny as Michael, Scooter as John, Sam the Eagle as Father Darling and Narrator, and Camilla the Chicken as Nana.

Amy Mebberson climbs right into Muppet Theater and renders these characters admirably. Mebberson's Muppets come across as comic book characters, not hurried drawings of puppets pretending to be comic book characters. In this day and age where animation is less an art and more a technological process, the thought of entertainment featuring puppets seems archaic or classic, depending on your personal preference. In a comic, however, these characters are not limited by puppetry. There is no budget in comics and there are no strings. This makes the Muppets one of the most perfect all ages comic book franchises.

It is fitting that the title is "Muppet Peter Pan," as this story is primarily a Muppet story that just so happens to be related to Peter Pan. The story in this issue is limited in scope, ending as the Darling children fly off with Peter, but this pace allows for the spirit of the Muppets to shine through. BOOM! Kids' "Muppet" comics have been hot and cold for me, but this issue is the best of the bunch to date.

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