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Muppet King Arthur #1

by  in Comic Reviews Comment
Muppet King Arthur #1

I’ve been a fan of the Muppets in various shapes and forms — except “Muppet Babies” — for as long as I can remember. So naturally when it was announced that BOOM! had acquired the Muppet license, I was intrigued. Then it was announced that they would be using that license to interpret classic stories, such as the recently completed “Muppet Peter Pan,” “Muppet Robin Hood,” and this little gem, “Muppet King Arthur.” “Not interested,” thought I. I was dead wrong. I managed to dodge “Muppet Peter Pan” and “Muppet Robin Hood” despite their Muppet-ness and David Petersen (among others) covers. Not so much here.
Dave Alvarez’s style is just different enough that the Muppets seem newer and fresh. They almost don’t seem like Muppets. They very much seem like characters drawn on a page as opposed to drawings of Muppets portrayed as characters — a subtle distinction, sure, but one that Alvarez latches onto and makes all his own. The characters here are comic book versions of Kermit, Piggy, Janice, and Fozzie. There’s a cartooniness in Alvarez’s style that makes them more lively and entertaining.
The writing follows suit. There’s a level of expectation that comes with the Muppet brand, and if a writer misses that level, the results can be devastating. Benjamin and Storck hit the level and then some, delivering a wonderfully punny comic written to the strengths of their artist. The best collection of puns comes from the scene set on Eagle Rock, home of Sir Sam of Eagle. For classic rock enthusiasts, that one page is an absolute delight.
From the Uncle Deadly carved into the bow of the boat on David Petersen’s cover to the single panel appearance of Link Hogthrob and Doctor Strangepork, this is a Muppet comic filled to the gills with everyone’s favorites. These favorites are not simply contrived shadows of the characters you all know and love, they are stunningly refreshing interpretations free of the strings, hands, and CGI, the Muppets are unfettered in this comic.