The Mummy Could Lose $95 Million, Despite Overseas Box Office

Though it was designed to be the start of Universal's Dark Universe, Tom Cruise's The Mummy has been struggling stateside at the box office since its initial release two weeks ago, when Wonder Woman managed to out-perform the film in the DCEU film's second week of release.

While the film has struggled to find an audience stateside, many expected the international numbers to help lift the film in the long run. Unfortunately for Universal, that does not appear to be the case; between the current box office numbers for the film and the almost certain mega-hit Transformers: The Last Knight readying for release overseas, The Mummy now looks set to lose $95 million when all is said and done.

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Deadline broke down the film's number, and determined that, as it currently stands, Tom Cruise's latest is set to lose an "estimated" $95 million -- that's with the assumption that The Mummy will pass $75 million domestically and $300 million internationally. The film currently sits at $57 million at the domestic box office and $236 million internationally.

Perhaps most interesting about The Mummy's international numbers is that, although the film had the biggest global opening ever for Cruise at $169 million, the total amount of money that went into the film will make it difficult for The Mummy to be deemed a success in the long run. Another $150 million was spent on distribution/ad expenses, bringing the total amount spent to an astounding $345 million.

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Taking in the production costs and the ad spending costs, the break-even point for The Mummy is estimated to be $450 million. And should it manage to break even, there is a "40% cash break-even pool for most of the above-the-line talent." Ultimately, it all comes down to the film's home release numbers.

While The Mummy may have been a shaky start to Universal's Dark Universe franchise, it doesn't appear that the studio has plans to scale back its plans. Universal recently added two more monsters to its still-nascent cinematic universe.

In theaters now, The Mummy stars Tom Cruise, Sofia Boutella, Annabelle Wallis, Jake Johnson, Courtney B. Vance and Russell Crowe.

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