Multiple Titles Conclude In Massive March DC Cull, "The Darkseid War" Begins

The DC Universe is going to look very different after March 2015, and its not just because of next spring's massive "Convergence" event. In addition to the scheduled conclusion of weekly series "Batman Eternal," "Earth 2: World's End" and "The New 52: Futures End," 13 ongoing series will be shipping their final issues. Five of those concluding series -- "Green Lantern: New Guardians," "Green Lantern Corps," "Red Lanterns," "Swamp Thing" and "Batwoman" -- have been around since the launch of the New 52 in September 2011 and will all end their runs with issue #40. But as long-running series end, new stories arrive to fill the void -- like "Convergence" #0 from Dan Jurgens, Jeff King and Ethan Van Sciver, an issue that promises to affect "every DC story ever told."

"Convergence," "Batman Earth One" V2 & More Arrive in DC Comics' March 2015 Solicitations

When reached by CBR News for comment on the latest wave of series finales, a DC spokesperson stated, "While certain titles will have reached their final issues as of March 2015, this doesn't necessarily mean that the characters associated with them are going away. On the contrary, be on the lookout for these characters to play key, important roles in new and ongoing titles."

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For a rundown of all the endings and new beginnings, read on ahead.

  • "Convergence" #0 will feature covers by series artist Ethan Van Sciver as well as Darwyn Cooke, Patrick Zircher and Adam Hughes. The solicit text touts the event as "the biggest story in DC history" and says it ties into every DC story ever told, including "Kingdom Come," "Red Son," Wild West Justice League and Captain Carrot and the Zoo Crew.
  • The final solicitation text for the ending weekly series "New 52: Futures End" and "Earth 2: World's End" get downright cryptic, consisting solely of the vague phrases "EYE AM YOUR FUTURE!" and "Darkseid wins. All hail Darkseid!" respectively.
  • The sequel to "Batman: Earth One" from Geoff Johns, Gary Frank and Jon Sibal will be released in May and feature the caped crusader going up against the Riddler and Killer Croc.
  • "Justice League" #40 looks past spring's "Convergence" event and towards this summer's "Darkseid War" by publishing a prologue issue. If DC holds with tradition, it's likely that "The Darkseid War" will be the subject of DC's Free Comic Book Day offering.
  • In addition to "Batwoman," "Swamp Thing" and a trio of "Green Lantern" series, the following final issues will ship in March: "Infinity Man and the Forever People" #9, "Secret Origins," #11, "Star Spangled War Stories Featuring G.I. Zombie" #8, "Trinity of Sin" #6, "Worlds' Finest" #32, "Arkham Manor" #6, "Aquaman and the Others" #11, "Klarion" #6 and "Injustice: Gods Among Us Year Three" #12 (the only non-mainstream DC Universe series ending in March).
  • New "Wonder Woman" creative team Meredith and David Finch wrap up their first story arc in "Wonder Woman Annual" #1.
  • Veteran illustrator John Romita Jr. will enter unfamiliar territory and pull double duty as both the writer and artist of "Superman" #40.
  • The finale of "Batman: Endgame" in Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo's "Batman" #40 will be felt throughout the entire line of Bat-books. "Arkham Manor," "Detective Comics," "Batgirl" and "Gotham Academy" will all publish "Endgame" tie-in one-shots.
  • "Green Lantern" #40 teases a "status quo change that will impact all the Green Lantern titles." This status quo change includes the conclusion of every "Green Lantern" title except for "Green Lantern" and "Sinestro."
  • "Swamp Thing" #40, the series' final issue, will have a special sideways-printed cover.
  • Vertigo is launching a new anthology miniseries called "Strange Sports Stories," which will include work from former WWE Champion CM Punk, Brian Azzarello, Paul Pope, Gilbert Hernandez, Nick Dragotta and more.

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