Multiple Man: The New Jamie Madrox May Be Uncanny X-Men's Main Villain

WARNING: The following article contains major spoilers for Multiple Man #3, by Matthew Rosenberg, Andy MacDonald, and Tamara Bonvillain, on sale now!

Marvel Comics has released a handful of solid X-Men miniseries as of late. Some of them tie into the larger universe, while others are more like stepping stones for subsequent ongoing series. One of the prime examples of the latter is the transition from Rogue & Gambit to the continuation of the titular mutants' story in the pages of the new ongoing Mr. & Mrs. X. But one miniseries that so far has seemed more isolated than its brethren is Matthew Rosenberg and Andy MacDonald's hilariously bonkers Multiple Man.

Three issues in, and we're no closer to seeing where exactly this bizarre experiment in X-Men storytelling is going, other than to deliver a tale of solid laughs and high concept tomfoolery. From the get-go, the five-issue series quickly sped readers through the surprise survival of Jamie Madrox and the sudden appearance of time-traveling duplicates of Multiple Man, who believe the sole surviving copy might be able to save their dire, dystopian future. Of course, this is a future where Madrox is both the staff of the totalitarian regime, making the world a living Hell and the last bastion of hope to fight against it.

It actually all makes perfect sense.

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The whole comic's run thus far has ostensibly been a literal version of the "man vs. himself" external conflict. However, there have been a couple glimpses of something bigger going on, clues which may ultimately come together to show Multiple Man as more than just a stand alone story starring a B-minus mutant. The first comes in the form of the recently released cover for the second issue of the upcoming relaunch of Uncanny X-Men.

On this cover, a team of Jamie Madrox dupes are imitating the poses and weaponry of the X-Men team from the cover of issue 1. Now, this could just be a fun riff on the character coming back into the fold in the X-Men Universe, but the fact that every Madrox dupe has the iconic "M" brand across their eye, makes us question if all the time-traveling lunacy from Multiple Man isn't leading to Jamie Madrox becoming the new foil for the X-Men.

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