Multiple Man Returns in New Series as Part of Marvel's Fresh Start

Marvel Comics will launch a new Multiple Man series starring Jamie Madrox as part of its "Fresh Start" initiative.

Killed from exposure to the Terrigen Mist in the 2016 crossover Death of X, Madrox is returning in a new series by writer Matthew Rosenberg (Phoenix Resurrection: The Return of Jean Grey) and artist Andy MacDonald (Justice League of America). Marcos Martin will provide the covers.

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“Our book starts off with someone finding Jamie very not dead," Rosenberg told ComicBook.com. "So the mystery of why he isn't dead and how to save himself is a big driving force of the story."

Multiple Man #1 by Marcos Martin
Multiple Man #1 by Marcos Martin

Madrox will face some new threats in the series, including a new mysterious team with plans of world domination. Marvel is also going back to basics here, as Layla Miller, Madrox's wife, won't appear in the series. Rosenberg plans to focus "on Jamie for now and getting him back on the board before we can get them back together... If we get them back together."

Multiple Man #1, by Matthew Rosenberg and Andy MacDonald, will be released in July from Marvel Comics.

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