Netflix's MST3K Trailer Promises to Reopen the Most Legendary Experiment

New MST3k

Since its 1988 debut, "Mystery Science Theater 3000" -- or "MST3K," for brevity's sake -- has generated a cult following larger than most of the B-movies included on the show. First featuring host Joel Hodgson before transitioning over to Michael T. Nelson, the low-budget lampoon of equally low-budget sci-fi and horror flicks gave new life to largely (and often rightfully) forgotten films by including irreverent audio commentary atop these drive-in duds.

A couple years back, Netflix announced it would produce a new series of episodes with a largely updated cast that includes pop culture and comedy royalty like Felicia Day, Patton Oswalt and Jonah Ray. The first trailer dropped today, and it looks like the reboot will be everything you could want from the MST3K gang.

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Per the teaser, it seems like the new episodes will have it all: absurdly amateur sets, a cadre of robot sidekicks including Tom Servo and Crow and awful schlock cinema ("Reptilia" appears to be the main film highlighted during the footage). Writers like Joel McHale and Dan Harmon will also step in behind-the-scenes for additional comedic duties.

"Mystery Science Theater 3000" returns to the small screen in the not-too-distant future that is April 14.

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