MST3K Season 12 Trailer Reveals a 'Gauntlet' of Six Truly Terrible Movies

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The twelfth season of Mystery Science Theater 3000 is coming next week to Netflix and a new trailer has been released revealing what terrible films are in store for Jonah and his robotic friends this time.

Led by cast members Patton Oswalt and Felicia Day, the villainous duo plot to subject Jonah Ray along with his companions Crow and Tom Servo to a marathon of six films including Mac and Me, Atlantic Rim, Lords of the Deep, The Day Time Ended, Killer Fish, and Ator, the Fighting Eagle.

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Subtitled The Gauntlet, the upcoming season is the second to feature the revival cast after their debut in April of last year on the premium streaming service. The season will premiere on Thanksgiving Day to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the series which premiered on Thanksgiving Day 1988 in the Minneapolis area with its original cast.

With a mix of recent exploitation films, standard B-movie fare, and the infamously awful Mac and Me, Jonah and the robots will certainly have their work cut out for them.

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Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Gauntlet premieres on Netflix on November 22. The 12th season of the longrunning comedic movie commentary series stars Jonah Ray, Patton Oswalt, Felicia Day, Hampton Yount, Baron Vaughn, Rebecca Hanson, and Deana Rooney.

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