'MST3K' Reboot Casts Felicia Day As New Villain

As the Kickstarter campaign to #BringBackMST3K races towards funding a completely new season of the beloved cult series "Mystery Science Theater 3000," series creator and campaign master Joel Hodgson has slowly released info about who will board the Satellite of Love for the new batch of episodes. Last Monday, he announced that comedian and "Nerdist" podcast host Jonah Ray will take on the lead role (a role originally filled by Hodgson). Now we know who will be tormenting Jonah and his robot friends with cheesy movies -- Felicia Day.

Hodgson revealed Felicia Day's involvement -- as well as the new voices behind Crow T. Robot and Tom Servo -- in his latest Kickstarter update. Day will play Kinga Forrester, the daughter of original "MST3K" villain Dr. Clayton Forrester (and the granddaughter of the series' other prominent villain, Pearl Forrester). Day's involvement came about after a meeting between her and Hodgson at Salt Lake Comic Con.

"And then, about 6 or 8 weeks ago at the Salt Lake ComicCon, I got a message from my booking agent, saying, 'Did you know that Felicia Day really wants to meet you?' Interesting," wrote Hodgson in the update. "So we met in the green room that afternoon, and she was funny and sweet. She's kind of a goof, but there's also this manic side to her that will let her do 'crazy.'" Hodgson then posts the message he sent Day via Twitter asking her to be involved in the new "MST3K" episodes.

Joining Jonah in the movie theater seats will be comedians Baron Vaughn as Tom Servo and Hampton Yount as Crow T. Robot. Both will bring their own voices to the robots, as Hodgson says "the bots aren't like the Muppets: they've always been manifestations of the people running them. Kevin didn't sound exactly like Josh, and Bill didn't sound exactly like Trace. And the way I see it, the point of being a movie riffing robot is that you can do a bunch of voices and dialects – not just sound like the last guy."

Hodgson also clarifies that formal deals for the cast's involvement have not been put in place yet since he wasn't "sure how this Kickstarter would turn out, but I feel like it's probably going to happen."

The Bring Back "Mystery Science Theater 3000" campaign has raised $2.4 million and is currently funded for 3 episodes. The full season of 12 episodes unlocks at $5.5 million.

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