10 Things You Might Not Know About Ms. Marvel

Marvel Studios surprised fans at this year's D23 Expo when they announced a few new MCU series that would be joining the upcoming streaming service. While fans are already patiently waiting for LokiWandaVisionWhat If...?, Falcon and the Winter Soldier, and Hawkeye, Disney added live-action adaptations of Moon KnightShe-Hulk, and Ms. Marvel.

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Ms. Marvel will follow the adventures of Kamala Khan, Marvel's first Muslim superhero to star in her own comic. Today we'll look at a few things fans might not know about Ms. Marvel before her Disney+ series arrives, including why she's called Ms. Marvel, how she got her powers. and why she might be important to the future of the MCU.

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Kamala Khan took the name Ms. Marvel and modeled her costume after her favorite hero, Ms. Marvel. The first Ms. Marvel was Carol Danvers, who had fashioned her own superhero identity after her friend and mentor, Mar-Vell/Captain Marvel.

Carol moved between a few identities like Binary and Warbird after her time as Ms. Marvel, though she always returned to her original identity of Ms. Marvel. Eventually, Carol felt she had grown enough as a hero to be able to wear her mentor's title of Captain Marvel, leaving the role open for Marvel's newest hero to take over.


Of course, Carol and Kamala aren't the only superpowered women to use the name of Ms. Marvel. During the Dark Reign era, Norman Osborn has taken over the Avengers and usurped the team's costumed identities, replacing the people under the masks with his fellow supervillains.

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Ms. Marvel was actually Karla Sofen/Moonstone, who had been a Master of Evil before joining with the Thunderbolts and attempting to be a hero for a short time. Karla's time as Ms. Marvel didn't sully the name too much, but did push Carol further into the decision to take on the Captain Marvel role.


Ms Marvel Inhumans feature

Kamala got her powers along with a large population of the Earth, following the release of the Terrigen Mists, a powerful transforming agent used by the Inhumans to activate their powers. When the Mists were released into Earth's atmosphere, they activated a number of latent Inhuman genes, with some gaining incredible powers like Kamala.

There has been a bit of discussion regarding a possible origin change for Ms. Marvel in the MCU, considering the less than stellar reception the quickly canceled Inhumans TV series received. However, it is just as likely that Ms. Marvel could relaunch the Inhuman brand properly into the MCU, so it remains to be seen which direction Marvel Studios will take the character.


Marvel has found huge success with teen heroes over the years, dating back to the relatable Peter Parker, who first began his adventures as Spider-Man when he was in High School. Ms. Marvel aimed to capture that same success with a wave of young heroes that popped up in the Marvel NOW era.

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Kamala Khan goes to high school in Jersey City, slightly removed from the larger scale superhero events that usually take place in Manhattan. Her series not only focused on her developing superhero career but also Kamala's time with her family, her friends, and her life as a typical, albeit superpowered, Muslim teenager.


Following Kamala's Terrignesis, which formed a protective cocoon around her as she changed, she emerged in a completely different body, that of a younger Carol Danvers in her Ms. Marvel form. Kamala was surprised by this, but eventually realized she was a polymorph and capable of changing her shape at will.

This lead to a number of different but related powers, including her size-altering or "embiggening," which allows her to elongate her arms and legs, or even just increase her overall size to stand as tall as a building. She can also mimic the appearances of others with intense concentration, as she did when she first developed her powers.


Another helpful addition to her powers is a very impressive healing factor, that has allowed her to recover from serious wounds like gunshots by focusing her shape-changing abilities on healing. She was even tutored in how to use her healing abilities by Wolverine, who might be the most knowledgable character in Marvel when it comes to healing factors.

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The one downside to Kamala's healing is that it requires the totality of her powers to recover from large injuries, meaning she is restricted to her normal human form when healing. if she is forced to shape-shift during the recovery period, it can interrupt the healing process and take longer for her to recover.


Ms. Marvel is kind of rare in the Marvel Universe as she became incredibly popular among fans very fast, which led to a number of appearances outside of her own title, including alongside Earth's Mightiest Heroes, the Avengers.

Kamala was invited to join the All-New, All-Different Avengers alongside two other young heroes who were also making big waves in the hero game, Miles Morales/Spider-Man and Sam Alexander/Nova. Unfortunately, disagreements between the young members and the veteran heroes led Ms. Marvel and her friends to quit the Avengers.


However, Ms. Marvel had effectively formed a new Marvel Trinity alongside Spider-Man and Nova, and the teen heroes remained inspired by their time with the Avengers. The three heroes decided to form a new group called the Champions, who were determined to do things differently than the heroes who had come before them.

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The champions grew to include other members like Viv Vision, Amadeus Cho/Brawn, Ironheart, and other young heroes who were drawn in by the mission of the Champions. Whether or not we'll see any of these characters make their debut in Ms. Marvel remains to be seen, but the Champions would be a great MCU future for Kamala.


We've seen a number of potential futures in the Marvel Universe, though very rarely are those futures not post-apocalyptic in some way. When the Exiles series was relaunched in 2018, it featured returning member Blink with a new cast of multiversal characters brought together to fix broken timelines.

One of the standout members of the team was Khan, an aged and battle-weary version of Ms. Marvel, which was completely at odds with her usual bubbly and hopeful self. Khan was still just as heroic, as she sacrificed her life to help the Exiles complete their mission.


Following an adventure out in space, Kamala returned to Earth with a new costume in tow, an alien costume. This usually is pretty bad news in the Marvel Universe, as we've seen with Spidey and his alien symbiote costume that became Venom, and led to the Absolute Carnage the MU is currently dealing with.

Thankfully Kamala's costume isn't a living being like the Venom symbiote, as it is made from very responsive Kree nanotech that provides protection for Kamala as Ms. Marvel. It also forms into a very useful and stylish backpack when not being worn. It's definitely gonna gain sentience and turn super evil though, right?

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