"Ms. Marvel," "Silver Surfer" and More Face Their Last Days

As "Secret Wars" looms over Marvel's May solicitations, "Ms. Marvel," "Black Widow," "Punisher" and "Silver Surfer" are set to enter their "Last Days" -- one of three umbrellas for Marvel's "Secret Wars"-related series.

On ComicBook.com, "Ms. Marvel" series writer G. Willow Wilson discusses how Kamala Khan must find heroism even as the Marvel Universe as she knows it comes to an end. "In the Last Days story arc, Kamala has to grapple with the end of everything she knows, and discover what it means to be a hero when your whole world is on the line," Wilson explained to the site.

On Comic Vine, "Black Widow" and "Punisher" scribe Nathan Edmondson promises revelations for Natasha Romanov and all-out war for Frank Castle. He made sure, however, to stress the personal tone of their final days: "These aren't "how do we suddenly fit these characters into the big wide world" issues. We remain faithful to the personal nature of the stories, while acknowledging that there is an end in sight, that a clock is ticking."

Marvel.com shared an interview with "Silver Surfer" writer Dan Slott where he spoke about the cosmic nature of the "Secret Wars" event. According to Slott, the Marvel Universe will, "all be gone. Kaput. Blammo! KABOOOOOM! 'Secret Wars' is going to wipe out the entirety of the Marvel Cosmos. And it's going to do that while the Surfer is, y'know, in it!"

"Secret Wars" kicks off this May. The next round of "Last Days" stories are slated to kick off in June.

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