Ms. Marvel Rallies The Unlikely NuHuman Resistance In IvX #3

"IvX" #3

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains spoilers for "IvX" #3, on sale now.

With the Inhumans' Terrigen cloud on the verge of dissipating and rendering Earth's entire atmosphere completely toxic to mutants, the X-Men have been forced into a corner. While the mist activates powers within those with latent Inhuman DNA, it kills those with the X-gene. To prevent the cloud's spread, the X-Men have jumped into action. "IvX" #2 saw the combined might of a few mutant teams descend upon the Inhumans' home in New Attilan. Their mission: take out all of the Inhuman heavy-hitters so they won't be able to interfere with the X-Men's plan to destroy the remaining Terrigen cloud.

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A number of those Inhumans were captured prior to the attack on New Attilan. Black Bolt, Karnak, Lockjaw, Crystal and Gorgon were all dealt with in "IvX" #1. In the following issue, the X-Men teleported Inhuman queen Medusa, Inhuman ally Human Torch, and new Inhumans Frank McGee, Flint and Naja to a holding cell in Limbo.

Two Inhumans, Iso and Inferno, managed to escape New Attilan and flee to safety. Iso knows they have to strike back and try to wrest control of New Attilan from its captors, but Inferno's wary of launching an attack without backup. And with the Inhuman Royal Family either missing or trapped in Limbo, they have no one to turn to. Iso counters that that's not the case. She knows there are other new Inhumans out there that didn't live on New Attilan -- and with a text, she contacts the one Inhuman that will be able to rally them.

Ms. Marvel.

It turns out Kamala Khan's phone is packed with the digits for pretty much every new Inhuman superhero in the Marvel Universe. After a phone call from Iso, Ms. Marvel doesn't hesitate to help them recruit help.

"IvX" #3
"IvX" #3 interior art by Javier Garron, Andres Mossa and Jay David Ramos

After a few rounds of fast and furious texting, we meet the NuHumans that Kamala was able to rally to Iso and Inferno's cause -- and they're a who's who of recent additions to the Inhuman franchise.

"IvX" #3
"IvX" #3 interior art by Javier Garron, Andres Mossa and Jay David Ramos

Clockwise from the top we've got:

    With the Inhuman's heaviest hitters locked away in Limbo, this looks to be the team that will stand against the X-Men in the next issue of "IvX." As we've already seen in a preview for "IvX" #4, new hero Mosaic will get to use his possession powers against a member of the X-Men.

    But the NuHuman rescue team has their work cut out for them. Not only do they have to retake New Attilan and track down the missing Royal Family, they also have to free Black Bolt from his elaborate prison. We haven't seen the Inhuman king since his capture in "IvX" #1, and now we know that the X-Men have him under lock and key.

    "IvX" #3
    "IvX" #3 interior art by Javier Garron, Andres Mossa and Jay David Ramos

    "IvX" #4 arrives in stores on February 8.

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