Ms. Marvel: All Of Kamala Khan’s Powers & Abilities, Ranked

Pakistani-American born teenager Kamala Khan thought that she had enough to deal with, between balancing the wishes of her devote Muslim family, and navigating friends and high school in the 21st Century, before the night of the Terrigen Bomb. Having snuck out of her Jersey City home to attend a party on the waterfront, Khan and the rest of the planet was unaware that King Black Bolt of the Inhumans had just detonated a Terrigen Bomb.

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This act blanketed Earth’s atmosphere with Terrigen Mist and caused anyone who had latent Inhuman genes, like Kamala, to undergo Terrigenesis. She emerged with a number of powers related to her now being a polymorph, and a few that come to the teenage hero naturally. Let's take a look at some of her powers and abilities.

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8 The Omnipresent Smart Phone

Like most people in the 21st Century - and certainly most teenagers - Kamala Khan is never without her smartphone. She's also highly proficient in its use. She has even incorporated it into her role as Ms. Marvel, using it to look up information during cases. While in costume, Kamala keeps her smartphone in her boot. Her team, The Champions, also used their smartphones to great effect, not only getting their #Champions trending, but letting people know that they were available to help. After receiving messages from people in need, the team could apply their unique talents toward providing solutions.

7 Super Hero Geek Girl

Kamala keeps tabs on lives of superheroes the way a sports fan studies their favorite teams. Suffice to say: she is a massive fan (she's even into superhero fan fiction). She especially geeked out when meeting Captain America, Iron Man, and her personal hero Captain Marvel (aka Carol Danvers). This made for some initial awkward moments now that Ms. Marvel is fighting side by side with her heroes.

6 Natural Leader

When Ms. Marvel left the Avengers, along with Nova and Spider-Man (Miles Morales), over the philosophical belief that the adult members were ignoring the “smaller, more local” problems, the trio was joined by Amadeus Cho’s Totally Awesome Hulk and Vivian Vision. Together, along with the currently displaced Cyclops, they created the Champions.

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Even with all the strong personalities in the group, especially the hyper-intelligent and occasionally arrogant Hulk, Kamala quickly slipped into the role of leader. The others naturally looked to the normally reserved teen for guidance and leadership in both life and battle situations. This role grew stronger as the team's roster swelled with new young heroes who were committed to the idea of “Everyone is a Champion."

5 Bioluminescence

Ms. Marvel glows with a yellow energy field that covers her entire body when she uses her polymorphic powers. One theory for this glow is that Kamala time travels backward or forward in time as she takes on or loses mass. She began to glow involuntarily when she was shot the first time. Soon after, she started to use this energy field to her advantage. By wrapping her gigantically enlarged fists in this field, Ms. Marvel delivers a devastating blow that she calls her "Embiggened Fists of Rage."

4 Healing Factor

Kamala has an accelerated healing factor, although how fully it can repair her body is not yet know. Ms. Marvel has been able to recover from bullet wounds by reverting back to her non-powered form. This does take a toll on her energy, and makes her extremely hungry and thirsty while she is healing. The process also affects her ability to use her other powers until she heals fully. The healing factor gives her enhanced durability, allowing her to take blows from significantly more powerful foes for a short period of time.

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3 Appearance Alteration

Ms. Marvel can use her powers to shapeshift in a variety of ways, although she does not like to use this particular aspect of her power often. She can shape herself into inanimate objects and imitate them as long as she stays still. Kamala can alter her appearance to look like other people, although she has difficulty with exact likenesses and cannot duplicate powers.

When she was in her cocoon, after being exposed to the Terrigen Mists, she had been having a dream of being confronted by Carol Danvers. When she emerged, she looked like a smaller version of Carol, complete with the first Ms. Marvel costume. Kamala has also impersonated her mother and successfully impersonated James Rhodes well enough to fool his best friend, Tony Stark, aka Iron Man.

2 Size Alteration

Ms. Marvel is able to alter her size at will. She has been observed growing as tall as a three-story building. This additional mass gives her increased strength and durability from human-sized attacks. She has also made herself as small as a cockroach. Unlike the various heroes and villains that utilize Pym Particles to effect these changes in size, Kamala can do it instantly and as often as she likes - with no ill effects. She once made her entire body as thin as a single sheet of paper.

1 Body Elongation

Ms. Marvel’s greatest power is the ability to elongate and add mass to specific parts of her body. Kamala can elongate pretty much any part of her body over great distances. Even cooler, she developed that skill into a unique fighting style. By adding mass to her fists and elongating her arm, Kamala can deliver an extremely powerful punch to her opponents.

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She calls this process “Embiggening” and it has become something of a battle cry for her. By elongating her legs, Kamala is able to stride over longer distances, running at roughly the speed of a moped. She has also been known to extend her neck so that she can see what the trouble is before the rest of her body gets there.

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