Ms. Marvel #5 Review

One of the funnest things in following ongoing comics is seeing artists develop their styles. Roberto De La Torre has gone from being a decent enough artist on Ms. Marvel to really becoming an asset for the title. It is really fun to watch him grow as an artist. His current style reminds me a bit of Oliver Coipel. It's nice stuff.

Brian Reed, meanwhile, impressed me more with this issue than the last, where I Was a bit annoyed at how Dr. Strange was used (once again) as the guy who guest stars just to be beaten up to make the hero of the book look better.

Strange fared a bit better in this issue, which was nice to see. I especially loved the bit early in the issue where Strange contacts Carol through a dream of hers. Clever stuff.

Reed also does a really cool job of using Carol's powers in interesting ways. For instance, Carol absorbs energy, right? So what about MAGICAL energy? Interesting, eh?

In addition, the idea of Carol having an arch-enemy from another reality who she's only faced once in this timeline? Pretty clever. I especially like when Traveler takes her to a world where alien insects have devoured the entire world. It leads to an awesome scene where Traveler takes Carol in time to the point right before the swarm attacks, and that's the setting for their final showdown. Very nice use of dramatic tension.

The use of Carol's powers is cool later when she teams up with Strange to defeat Traveler. Good stuff.

Also, do I have a terribly dirty mind? You tell me what is going on in the scene where Strange and Carol are right next to each other and suddenly there's an awkward pause.

Finally, the ending ties us into Civil War. It's going to be really interesting to see Carol be Pro-Registration without being written as a moron/tool/creep. It will be a challenge, and I wish Reed luck with it!

As for this issue, nice story and nice art?

I would recommend it without reservation.

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