Mr. Whiskers Makes Ryan Reynolds Do Bad Things in 'Voices' Trailer

Entertainment Weekly has debuted the trailer for Voices, a new film that pairs a cute and cuddly cat with the also cute and cuddly Ryan Reynolds with nefarious results. The offbeat horror-comedy comes from Iranian filmmaker and graphic novelist Marjane Satrapi, who previously directed the Academy Award-nominated Persepolis.

The film follows a factory worker named Jerry (Reynolds), who starts hearing his pets talk when he skips out on his anti-psychotic meds. Now his cat's giving him orders to kill people -- including Gemma Arterton, who ends up a head in Jerry's fridge, and potential victim Anna Kendrick.

If you want to see Reynolds play a mentally unbalanced killer before he dons Deadpool's signature red-and-black jumpsuit, then The Voices might be right up your alley. He also provides the voices for his character's pet bull mastiff, who has a bit of a Southern twang, and his malevolently British cat, Mr. Whiskers.

The Voices opens Feb. 6 in theaters and on VOD.

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