13Fight Club 2

Chuck Palahniuk’sFight Club 2” is a divisive work by a divisive author. With art by Cameron Stewart, the book appears to continue the story of Tyler Durden, Marla and original novel’s narrator (now called Sebastian) before becoming something much more experimental. Released

by Dark Horse Comics as 11 issues starting in 2015 and now collected into one graphic novel, this serves as Palahniuk’s most complete response to the success of his novel and David Fincher’s seminal 1999 film. In both the real and fictional worlds, this aggressively surprising book interrogates the cult surrounding Tyler Durden, spending as much effort tearing him down as it does pushing the story forward before ultimately becoming a treatise on the experience of art itself.

With numerous explicit references sprinkled throughout, “Mr. Robot” and “Fight Club” are linked together on a foundational level. Beyond the more spoiler-y connections, both series feature revolutions lead by charismatic anarchists. In echoes of the show’s second season, “Fight Club 2” lives in the movement after the revolution, grappling with the afterlife of a thought that grows out of control.

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